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This was likely because of an arranged marriage from her parents, mentioned in episode 9, but only brought up again in episode She has been featured in the magazines KingSmoothand was the cover-girl for the first issue of Liquid. She shows a deep layla dating and caring for the pixies, who are obviously her close friends.

Finally, a tiara materializes on her forehead, and as she flies away from camera, her wings slowly materialize and expand like those of a newly-grown butterfly.

Firstly, a burst of magic falls into the water and slowly, the water starts to rise and surrounds her. She can trap her enemies with bonds of solid Morfix.

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Charmix is a small pink raindrop pin with silver outlining and a pink waist bag in the shape of a water gourd.

After her best friend Anne had moved away when Layla was young, her only friends were the pixies of Pixie Village. They began a scripted feud with Mickie James in October, mocking of her weight and vowing to make her leave SmackDown.

She can cause Morfix to explode and reform into a continuous explosive attack.

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Next, she lifts up her arms as several streams of light wrap around her arms, chest, and waist, creating her outfit, complete with sandals. A lime green choker with golden diamonds hanging down from them are around her neck and a turquoise blue band atop her head. Another Answer Layla is a 2 year old girl that had stage 4 Neuroblastoma Childhood Cancer and tragically lost her battle to cancer layla dating March 9th Her gloves change to translucent purple, her wings become spring green with magenta ovals towards the outer margins Movie only.

She wears a pink hoody, 2 arm bands with blue and green combat trousers, with pink hiking boots. Layla would later cure her blindness herself with the powerful fairy dust on her wings noted as one of the most powerful healing substances in the magical universe. She is able to shape Morfix into a number of projectiles, such as needles, spikes, etc.

Layla El is a WWE diva. Her powers are entirely based around water and sometimes around the Morphix liquid, but she hopes to control all liquids through magical training.

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Who is Layla and layla dating is her power on Winx Club? Despite this, The Miz, who was acting as emceedeclared Kristal the winner. Her true winx though is connected to water and she is a water fairy.

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Feeling distraught and frustrated over losing Nabu, Layla accepted an offer to join Nebula and her "Fairies of Vengeance" in an attempt to destroy the Fairy Hunters once and for all.

One by one her clothes start to materialize as she twirls around: Her feet are covered in a pair of shin-length, teal and pink high-heeled, lime green platform boots.

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As the months progressed though, she slowly opened up and became good friends with all of them. Then she spins around in another complete circle as the camera focuses on her skirt, where her bag appears around her waist. She can cause Morfix to surround an entire area or person, as well as attack them with a huge wave of the liquid.

Her first interaction with girls her age comes when she arrives at Alfea. She has tried to develop independence. First, she tilts her head southeast, and her hair floats and then braids itself. However, she has done other useful things with her abilities, such as: The new transformation was not introduced until " Corsa contro il temp " "Race Against Time" in the original Italian version, but in the 4Kids edit, it was introduced in "The Dark Tower".

The design of her outfit also changes. She can create solid walls of crystallized Morfix for protection and shape it into various shields and barriers, sometimes in the shape of spheres, nets, and cages.

On her left arm in an elbow-length, handless peach-colored glove white a lime green bangle is on her right wrist with a light fuchsia bow hanging from it.

The only way to find out is to ask her. Shes Currently Dating Cody Rhodes. She is called Aisha in the original Italian version. Magical abilities Layla is from Planet Andros. She has the power of Morphix, a pink fluid that she can morph into any shape she wants and she wishes to master all fluids at Alfea, while her friends help her.

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Through her conversation, we get a glimpse of her powers and receive a few hints about the villain of the season, Lord Darkar. It is Arabic in origin. She can fire Morfix energy blasts that become solid when touched.

She can generate Morfix that travel as water. The inspiration for the song Layla was taken from an old Persian poem called "Layla and Majnun".

Her parents believed that princesses should conduct themselves in a strict orthodox manner, and scrutinized her every movement and thought. The american spelling is Liela. She has also been known to create useful but very strange things with Morfix, such as an 18th century cannon hoist for climbing down a cliff, when a simple strong rope would have been much more logical.

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After escaping with only one pixie, baby Piff, she stumbles to Alfea, where she is found by the members of the Winx Club, and faints.

How did the layla from TLC die? Next, she performs a backflip as a translucent liquidy pink ribbon forms her main Enchantix outfit, her barefoot sandals and wings.

First, she flexes her arms and pink swirls form her gloves. First, she screams and flexes her arms, and there is a brilliant white flash.


Finally, Layla lands, crosses her arms, opens her eyes and strikes her finishing pose, with one hand on her hip and the other on her leg. She is also a talented dancer and speaks languages she learned as a kid. It is also a popular Eric Clapton song.

The Pixies trust her very much - Layla is one of the few people who know of Pixie Village. She was with Jamie Noble, but left him for William Regal. Her wings are outlined with her signature lime green, decorated with pink pearls referring to her ocean-based powersand filled in with yellow and magenta to match her outfit.

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As a result, Layla had a very isolated childhood, excepting the times when she escaped from the palace. Komen for the Cure to promote awareness for finding a cure for breast cancer.

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Her hair grows a few inches and gains streaks, and is braided around a cyan forehead tiara also bearing pearls that are the color of Morphixbefore flowing into pigtails. She sends a torrent of icy cold, ripping water towards her foes that freezes and severely injures them. Layla was raised in a very traditional setting.

Despite this, Layla elected to use the staff on Ligea herself after a kraken attacked her. During the segment, the other women initially taunted and teased her before revealing that "it was all in fun" and part of an "initiation".

At the event however, the anonymous Raw General Manager altered the match to a fatal four-way, also involving Eve Torres who went to win the title.