If you think internet celebrities like KSI incite violence, you haven't understood YouTubers If you think internet celebrities like KSI incite violence, you haven't understood YouTubers

Ksi multi millionaire dating, youtuber's boxing match watched 15 million times in less than 48 hours

He has since apologised in a tweet.

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This is the world of social media: I just wanted to do videos because I enjoyed doing it and I saw people were making a bit of money. There will be no TV coverage of the bout.

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I would play with more ideas and push the boundaries a lot. He makes up to 40 videos a month.

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His videos godly dating blog names involved him telling jokes and doing pranks.

His latest sports car was one of his more extravagent purchases: He was just having fun. The business model is simple: The multi-millionaire social media sensations will square up against each other twice in boxing matches in the next seven months.

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This is their back stories. I pushed it out to my family and friends, and on to forums, and eventually it started to get a bit more traction.

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The fight also has a large undercard containing other YouTubers - including Dudley sensation Jay Swingler. He was slammed for filming a dead body, andpeople subsequently signed a petition to have him removed from YouTube.

There is an innocence ksi multi millionaire dating his success, too. I bought my old house off my parents, and now I am renting it out. It took a lot of time and eventually I started posting more and more and more, more Fifa videos, more real life videos.

He created a YouTube channel which went on to attract millions of subscribers as he initially concentrated on creating videos of himself playing the popular console game FIFA.

KSI and Logan Paul net worth: Talking money about the YouTube boxers

They have looked after me so it was awesome for me to be able to look after them. After another year, it went up to around 20, Deji vs Jake Paul. Not that he concerns himself too much with figures and projections: But on YouTube I was able to create what I wanted and post it for people to watch.

Each is watched around two million times. I have to pinch myself sometimes… I am living a lifestyle most guys my age would love to lead, playing computer games and earning good money.

If you think internet celebrities like KSI incite violence, you haven't understood YouTubers

His videos — bombastic, bawdy, borderline — have been watched more than a billion times. Olatunji films himself playing video games, usually his beloved Fifa and then uploads the footage to YouTube.

The fame and fortune he has attracted he now lives in a suburban pile in Kent with two highly desirable cars in the driveway was never part of the plan.

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This is all you need to know? People were getting thousands of views and I was sitting with my zero. Who is Logan Paul?

After Vine shut down, Paul had gained enough of a following to transfer to YouTube, where he now has two channels, an official channel and Logan Paul Blogs, which have about 4. Here are some of the others: They are expected to draw huge audiences - both at the fights and on live streams as millions of subscribers seek to see it.

Watford Youtuber KSI's boxing match viewed 15 million times in two days | Watford Observer

I love it that much. After a year, I got to 7, subscribers, so that was pretty crazy. Olatunji says he spends his money on things like trainers there are limited-edition pairs strewn everywhere. But how much cash have the YouTubers earned?

Beginnings He speaks passionately as he explains where it all began: The initials of his nickname stand for Knowledge Strength Integrity, words he has tattooed on his body.

Knife crime: 20 knives surrendered to Watford police in just two days

And while neither won in the end, there is a place where both are winning - the bank. He told me he was getting less than that.

I think I must have spent hours on the new game already.