Dean Unglert Confirms He Reunited With Kristina Schulman to ''Work Through'' Things | E! News Dean Unglert Confirms He Reunited With Kristina Schulman to ''Work Through'' Things | E! News

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At lunch they both admit they still are attracted to each other and Kristina kisses Parker again.

Dean Unglert Confirms He Reunited With Kristina Schulman to ''Work Through'' Things

By this time, Kristina is revealed to be the driver who caused the accident, but Alexis confesses to protect her. She left again in Kristina tells Valerie about their one night stand and how Parker dumped her and Valerie decides they should make Kristina dating jealous and starts to kiss Kristina.

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The next day Kristina walks Parker to her class after spending the night together and the Dean promptly comes in and fires Kristina dating since she was reportedly caught kiss Kristina while she was still a student. Parker asks for the check so they could "go to her place for coffee". His plan is interrupted when Trey arrives and stops his father.

Ainsworth first kristina dating on June 4, When Kristina is humiliated at school thanks to everyone finding out about Sonny pulling strings to get her in, Trey is the only person who likes her for who she is.

She eventually recovers and breaks her silence on Christmas.

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Kristina refuses, and Warren becomes deranged, opening fire within General Hospital, and tries to kill Kristina. Tired of them going best dating sight free her back, and tired of them being controlling.

Disappointed, she tries to get a job at Crimson Magazine under Kate Howard. Kristina has a crush on Ethan, but he never reciprocates.

Kristina, though, rebels against this, and spends time with Michael, Morgan, and her younger sister, Molly Lansing. After Joe dies, Kristina comforts Trey. At the hearing, Connie takes back her statement and Kristina is sentenced to hours of community service.

Her family believes she is allowing her producer, Trey Mitchell to manipulate her because she is attracted to him. The twins occupied the role from July 23, to late However, Alexis runs into Parker on her way to lecture and furiously pushes her into breaking up with Kristina.

And very much tired of it all.

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So he did make the right decision in the end, but it took him a while. Parker considered it a mistake, that she needed more time to piece her life back together but Kristina convinces her to give their relationship a try. Alexis refuses to believe it. Quartermainebut rescued by Sam and Jason Morgan.

She would tell them later.

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Parker is playing pool with another woman. Kristina, still having feelings for Parker, tries to take her mind off her by going to a "Ladies night" at the Floating Rib with Valerie as her wing woman. Ainsworth praised the storyline saying several viewers could identify with her character. Kristina is heartbroken and works on moving on.

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Sam suspects Kristina is responsible, but Michael confesses, then skips town. Ainsworth returned as Kristina in with a whole new set of problems: Kristina steps up to comfort her father, Sonny, who blames himself.

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However, Alexis and Sonny find out, and Kristina admits her mistake. Having learned of her parents schemes to get her into Yale and being outcast as the "Mob Princess", Kristina starts a reality show appropriately titled Mob Princess to teach her parents a lesson.

Ainsworth first appeared on June 4, Casting[ edit ] Lindsey Morgan was cast in the role of Kristina in ; she left the show the following year.

That meant a lot her, especially after being with guys who never treated her that way or never really seemed to care about her. Parker is visibly upset by this.

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Actress Kali Rodriguez portrayed the character as a child from When Alexis is diagnosed with cancer, Kristina briefly lives with Sonny and Carly. The abuse eventually lands Kristina in the hospital.

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Kristina goes silent again when she sees Diego alive as the Text Message Killer. Parker leaves a letter explaining that she and Kristina have no future together and she leaves town without saying goodbye.

Not being a student anymore, Parker asks Kristina out to dinner and they official go on a date. They are both devastated. And take lots of flowers and candy.