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She is aware of this age problem, for in interviews she has often grumbled — as ageing glamour-chop actresses often do — about the tyranny of youth and the shortage of parts for women over the age of Is she famous because she or her agent have played the system brilliantly and because they know the right people?

She just had to look languid. With her version of the Queen about to open for previews, we again return to the big poser: I should make clear that I have never met Kristin Scott Thomas and am more than ready to believe that in private she is a good soul.

Her first big film role, in a picture Under The Cherry Moon, was a disaster. Playwright Sophocles probably had in mind a girl in her teens. These are enough to get a woman on screen.

Dame Kristin, finding that the big film roles were going to younger — or perhaps more interesting — actresses, decided that the West End had been starved of her talents long enough. The myth of Kristin Scott Thomas has been burnished by assiduous public relations work Yet a film camera will reward minimalism and forgive lack of emotional engagement.

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Her emotions raced from nought to 60 in no time — and then stayed there, soon exhausting patience. I do not mean to criticise her personal character.

Kristin Scott Thomas, you don't deserve a gong for fab cheekbones writes QUENTIN LETTS

Was it because the people deciding on the honour had little idea as to her genuine artistic worth? Electra is an orphan. In fact, some members of the audience started laughing. She gained a following of sorts, particularly among directors who were looking for an ice maiden.

Is she famous simply for her looks and her outer poise? Dame Kirstin also complains about the lack of roles for women over Star-casting does not deserve to work unless the star merits that stardom. You have to project some character.

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She has described how, a few days after the death of her step-father, she was packed off to boarding school and expected to get on with things. Her father was a Fleet Air Arm pilot who died in a crash when Kristin was five.

You need more than that on stage, as soon became apparent. The film was gorgeously shot — long, smouldering visuals — but her acting was as slow to catch fire as a pair of asbestos pyjamas.

If you have the right sort of cheekbones, you can get away with very little acting talent and Kristin Scott Thomas has just such cheekbones, along with that strikingly high forehead. It became predictable, formulaic, unconvincing. It must have been a ghastly business for the family and no one would wish to underestimate the effect it must have had.

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The verdict from the public was even less appreciative. In the The English Patient, she was scarcely more animated. There is another problem with Dame Kristin, and it is a sensitive matter: It was almost as if she did not need to act. What made this all the odder, perhaps, was that the story was about a plane crash.

Is star casting not always a bit like that? It is baffling how Dame Kristin, pictured, has been nominated for an Olivier award - the theatre Oscars Dame Kristin has crossly complained that one night she threw herself in grief at the feet of chap in the front row which was directly next to the stage and looked up — in the middle of all her thespy emoting — only to find that the fellow in the seat was thumbing through his programme.

She did a brief stint as a drama college student in London, where one of her tutors told her firmly that she would never become a decent actress.

Sorry Kristin, you don't deserve a gong just for having fab cheekbones writes QUENTIN LETTS

The mid-Nineties brought the two roles for which she is still best known: What concerns me is her public persona, her dramatic output. Others are famous for their home lives — when fame becomes notoriety. He, too, was killed in a crash a few years later.

That is where the critic has a legitimate interest. But would this really be a problem for a truly great theatrical dame? She was born in in Cornwall and had something of a tragic childhood.

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A John Lewis clothes horse: It is a more three- dimensional artform than cinema. Oh, some of the critics turned over and waggled their feet in the air like upended woodlice, the impressionable boobies, but the casting felt driven by celebrity rather than genuine stage ability.

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God smiled on her when it came to handing out the physical attributes. Still others are famous simply for being famous, or in this case, perhaps, for being so loftily remote that people mistake her artistic emptiness for something more noble.

Share or comment on this article: She fled to Paris and found the drama teachers there more merciful.

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She is enviably slender and looks elegant. Theatre is performance art and acting is an attempt to find a public expression of truth. Brenda is a cold piece of work, a careless mother, bored adulteress. Sometimes films do demand such women — characters who convey no more zest and engagement than a shop-window mannequin.

By now divorced recently, she was reported as dating hedge fund millionaire Arpad Busson, ex-lover of actress Uma Thurman and less rooted in Paris, she was levered into a couple of Harold Pinter plays in and she was, well, stiff. Some stars win their reputations as a result of genuinely great performances.

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Her mother remarried, again to a pilot. Given her family tragedies, it is hard to comprehend how she remained outwardly so terribly bland.