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Schantz pin insertion over the Calcaneum should be done from Medial to lateral side. Like the other two alphabets, it is probably written in the same direction as English.

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Currently, the Schatzker classification system is the most widely accepted and used. The Klingon cards themselves detail aspects of Klingon culture and feature pIqaD text and a transliteration and translation provided by Marc Okrand.

Due to its nature, the "Skybox" Alphabet is ill-suited to writing Klingon, in that ambiguity in the alphabet is apparent, so different words are spelled the same way; these are homographs. The fracture pattern of the condyles is variable and all types of fractures can occur.

However most of these fractures occur from motor vehicle accidents or falls. The tibial condyle is crushed or split by the opposing femoral condyle, which remains intact. The medial plateau is larger and significantly stronger than the lateral pleateau. Some fans have suggested this alphabet could be used to write Klingonaase in its native form.

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Low energy fractures are commonly seen in older females due klingonisch flirten auf osteoporotic bone changes and are typically depressed fractures. They are extremely rare.

Tibial plateau fracture

To achieve this operative or non-operative treatment plans times encounters dating uk considered by physicians based on criteria such as patient characteristics, severity, risk of complications, fracture depression and displacement, degree of injury to ligaments and menisci, vascular and neurological compromise.

An "up-turned triangle" with a function similar to a commasemi-colon or colon. Depends on the body weight of patient and stability of the joint.

It is usually the result of a low energy klingonisch flirten auf in young individuals with normal mineralization.

It is usually the result of a high energy injury and involves a varus force with axial loading at the knee. A serious complication of tibial plateau fractures is compartment syndrome in which swelling causes compression of the nerves and blood vessels inside the leg and may ultimately lead to necrosis or cell death of the leg tissues.

Klingon can be written with spaces between words a word being defined as any noun, verb or leftover, plus any prefixes and suffixes attached to it and punctuation. The script is written in horizontal lines running from left to right, top to bottom, just like English.

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There is high risk of damage to the popliteal artery and peroneal nerve and therefore carry a worse prognosis. Can be further divided into two subtypes: This font itself has been used by the Star Trek production team when creating Klingon graphics; however it is still used only as random gibberish on the shows.

Lipohemarthrosis presence of fat and blood from bone marrow in the joint space after an intraarticular fracture seen on X-ray in a person with a subtle tibial plateau fracture Lipohemarthrosis due to a tibial plateau fracture 3D reconstruction of a CT image of a tibial plateau fracture Subtle tibial plateau fracture on an AP X ray of the knee Lipohemarthrosis due to a tibial plateau fracture A tibial plateau fracture seen on X-ray Classification[ edit ] Physicians use classification types to assess the degree of injury, treatment plan and predict prognosis.

May be caused by a valgus force combined with axial loading that leads to the lateral femoral condyle being driven into the articular surface of the tibial plateau. Computed tomography scans are not always necessary but are sometimes critical for evaluating degree of fracture and determining a treatment plan that would not be possible with plain radiographs.

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Caused by a valgus force on the knee; it is a low energy injury, typically seen in individuals of the 4th decade or older with osteoporotic changes in bone. Injury can be due to a fall from height in which knee forced into valgus or varus.

Focal depression of articular surface with no associated split. It is usually the result of a high energy injury with complex varus and valgus forces acting upon the tibial plateau.

A "down-turned" triangle with a function similar to a full stopquestion mark or exclamation mark. Klingon can also be written with no spaces or punctuation at all; this form is more common on the TV shows. Schatzker classification for tibial plateau fracture: Scheuer was never credited however, in any of Dr.

As in English, Klingon text can be left-justified, center-justified, or right-justified, and written in vertical columns on banners.

Klingon alphabets

Treatment[ edit ] Repair of a tibial plateau fracture Treatment is aimed at achieving a stable, aligned, mobile and painless joint and to minimize the risk of post-traumatic osteoarthritis.

The knee anatomy provides insight into predicting why certain fracture patterns occur more often than others. Later when condition is stable. The triangular punctuation marks have been accepted into the common usage of the KLI pIqaD see above.

Blood in the soft tissues and knee joint hemarthrosis may lead to bruising and a doughy feel of the knee joint.

Peak age is 30—40 years old in men and in women. It holds more closely to the D7 battlecruiser hull markings and is also loosely based upon the conceptual art of Matt Jeffries, TOS set designer.

This is a high energy injury with a complex mechanism that includes varus and valgus forces. May include distraction injury to the medial collateral ligament or anterior cruiciate ligament.