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He stands cm tall and weighs approximately 67 kg.

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In he played Darren the farmer in episode 1. It took him a while but it appears that he is reaching his potential and may even get to more. Even though some rumors about Keith Allan being gay have appeared, they are not true.

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That was the only time Meteor Madness was shown, and to this day it has never been released on video or DVD, although very grainy copies have recently appeared on YouTube.

The actor has a very active dating life but still decides to remain unmarried.

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He is a minor celebrity in a way but he still manages to take care of himself and to keep fit. He also told reporters that he thought the crash had been intended only as a jogos de bloqueio online dating but that "something went massively wrong".

Nationality and Ethnicity Keith Allan is American by nationality and his ethnic group is Caucasian male. Allan is getting closer to his middle ages, but still looks as hot as handsome.

On the other hand, he is actively dating and you can see him with various women. Allen presented the Manchester Passiona contemporary retelling of the last few hours in the life of Jesus on Good Friday14 April Keith says that he is putting the family thing on hold and is not envying the highlight of his career.

Professional Career:

With low-key status on the personal life, the question of him being a married man and having a wife is still not clear. He was born in Sacramento, California but has moved around for the most part of his career.

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Actually he moved a few times, and went where an opportunity presented itself. With the passion for art and craft, he completed his education from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

The film played in cinemas as the opening to the Two Tone film Dance Craze which was released in February He first started appearing as a stage actor and had many portrayals in theater.

Is Keith Allan Married?

He was mostly seen with other actresses from the industry but he has yet to marry or have children. He was also closely associated with the band New Orderdirecting the video for their song "Ruined In A Day"which depicts Allen and the band members immersed in a bizarre game of charades with a group of Buddhist monks.

England Managercredited on the soundtrack album to Sporting Les. His younger brother is actor Kevin Allen. Allen has done both straight and comedy acting. He found out that he was also talented in writing and produced scripts for various projects.

His endeavors on the silver screen are becoming higher and higher and he will soon start making more appearances as predicted for Media personnel has also not been able to capture Keith and his possible partner till date.

The actor always had passion and dedication for acting, and it reflects in his hard work. He turned his passion into obsession and began his acting career in the television series in the mids in the city of dreams; Los Angeles.

This means that he is currently 48 years old.

Keith Allen's Profile

There are many pictures to confirm that. In his documentary Tourette De France appeared on Channel 4in which he travelled with a group of Scottish people with Tourette syndromemost notably John Davidsonon an AEC Routemaster bus from London to the Parisian hospital where this condition was described by Georges Gilles de la Tourette in Among those celebs is Keith Allan, the very beloved actor from Will and Grace.

His last girlfriend was Angela Talbott, but it appears that things did not go according to plan. Keith Allan is focusing on his career and not on family.

After finishing the American Academy of Dramatic Arts he moved to Colorado and started off his acting career from there as he appeared in the local theater and all across the state. Instagram However, even with such an extensive career the actor has remained mum regarding any of his income whatsoever.

Maybe he is still not ready to make a big commitment but he is certainly not gay.

Keith Allan (actor)

But when talked about sexuality Keith is very much straight, and there is no any allegation of the actor to be a gay. After his divorce from Park, Allen became partners with actress Tamzin Malleson who starred alongside him in Bodiesand the couple had a daughter in He has a strong screen presence as the actor stand a tell height of 6 feet 3 inches and a body weight of 95 kg as per wiki.

There are no records of him seeing other guys nor having a boyfriend but there are many examples of him dating other women form the industry. Every celebrity artist is different from each other. He has not even once mentioned about his personal life about his dating affairs and the media.

There have been no announcements but for the most accounts Keith Allan is single currently.

Keith Allan

He was used again by Boyle to play a drug dealer in Trainspotting Born inin Sacramento, California, United States. He would also start to appear in movies and his two zombie-themed roles helped him make a breakthrough.

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The journey was not limited on the television only; the actor has also appeared in the horror movie genre. There is no information regarding when does the actor celebrates his birthday as the exact birthday month and day is not specific.

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He married his second wife, Nira Parkin During the brief period of British Satellite Broadcasting as an alternative satellite broadcaster to Skyhe had a regular comedy show of his own I Love Keith Allen on the Galaxy channel, a mix of stand-up and sketches.