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After 5 qualifying rounds, only 8 girls were classified for the final stage that took place at the home of the Popstars.

This was achieved not only by the exuberance and creativity of his ceramic pieces, but also by the high technical level achieved, mainly regarding modelling and glazing.

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Bordallo modelled, as well, characters based on the Portuguese everyday life with remarkable boldness and critical sense, and in his tiles he created patterns with diverse influences as vast as Renaissance, Naturalism, Art Nouveau and the Spanish and Arab legacy.

The launch forecast is for the second half of this year. The "Jarra Beethoven", which exceeds 2.

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In the same year was released the first studio albumthe homonym Rougereaching the first position and selling around 2 million copies, receiving the certificate of diamond.

His ceramic production became well known, especially for its artistic quality, both at a national and international level. Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro with the help of his workers produced bold pieces, either by their size or by the delicacy of the details. Soon after it becomes part of the choir of his church and is invited to interpret the National Anthem in cities of Minas Gerais.

After the serious crisis ofthe company was purchased by Grupo Visabeira which ensures a productive and historical continuity.

I am at peace with my decision. There is a moment that needs changing. Career with Rouge[ edit ] In a friend of Andrade saw the talent show Popstars commercial and encourages her to sign up by sending her audition video.

From childhood he had a passion for music, improvising little shows for his family on the stage in the basement of his house.

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His remarkable work with ceramics was awarded with the gold medal in international exhibitions Madrid, Antwerp, Paris and in St. At the same time, it gives its lines a contemporaneous dimension, thanks to the excellence of its production and its continuous reinvention, both at the aesthetic and technical level.

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His work represents an unsettling, ever timely reality and a fundamental document for political, social, cultural and ideological study of a time period.

As he was a keen theatre goer, this was how he started publishing his humorous newspapers, achieving great success with some of them. In the following phases, the jurors became more and more demanding, in this way, selecting for the next stages only the girls who really were able to face the career of popstar.

Participations, television and theater[ edit ] Lu on musical theatre Into The Woods, I have felt this very strongly in recent times.

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Since an early age he was interested in art, and he even attended the Belas Artes school. Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro was responsible for the technical and artistic aspects and his brother Feliciano Bordallo Pinheiro was in charge of the organizational aspects of the factory.

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Raphael also followed the unique architectural design of the facilities which included an area for a ceramic school, where several related courses were taught. Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro will forever be intimately associated with caricature and artistic ceramics, showing quality and important pieces never seen before, and which, in the opinion of renowned modern artists, are the work of a genius.

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