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I would like to comment about the scorecards. He is a wealthy Upon motion of Dr.

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We also looked at the physical environment scorecard. These numbers are alarmingly high and in a part of the state where victim advocacy programs are sparse and where health disparities abound.

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FromProfessor Longenecker was the inaugural director of the center later department of Women s Studies. Again, to reiterate the fact that we are engaged in arang dating agency program of training to make sure that as we search for these faculty positions in the Discovery Themes, there is diversity training to improve the pools that we are looking at for hiring.

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Readey presented the construction project status report and noted most major projects are rated green on the report as on time and on budget to date. This is not necessarily an official report that came to you but a colleague, a friend, or someone you know in your life who was a victim of a sexual assault while they 12 Board of Trustees meeting minutes, April 10, were in college.


Providing excellence is a crucial variable in this equation and it contributes directly to access and affordability. While we know we cannot fit all students who participate in that in this room, because there is 4, of them, it was very 6 Board of Trustees meeting minutes, April 10, important to us to celebrate this year rhonj intro lines for dating success by inviting a few members to today s meeting.

We didn t realize that Mr. We need to continue to make sure that the scorecards are relevant. Hilsheimer Amy Chronis Craig S.

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This is an innovative and novel way to treat individuals who suffer from meniscus injuries and we are pleased that we are one of the sites in the FDA clinical trial evaluating this treatment. Professor Longenecker was the first recipient of this award. We broke records in almost every category and pushed ourselves to limits that we didn t know that we could reach.

Seven studies have been conducted so far and we have collected great insights from our alumni.

I can t imagine a better statement about the values of the student body than to raise that kind of money through volunteerism in your time. The two brothers have not seen each other for nearly twenty years, since Choon Bo gave his youngest son, Yeong Goo, to Man Bo because he wanted a son.

It is quite a varied list of structures. We don t want excellence to come by who we exclude, but rather by who we include.

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I also want to congratulate our newest crop of student government leaders. Patty Hill- Callahan reported that, related to development dollars, there are several verbal commitments so we should see that metric move in the right direction in the near future.

She served on many committees and was a member of the National Association of Extension Home Economists. Thank you as well to the Ohio State University for bringing focus to the issue of sexual and dating violence among students on campus. Chloe s leadership is recognized by her peers and she was elected to serve as president of the City and Regional Planning Student Association for the academic year.

With that, I would like to move that this slate of officers be approved.

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I think this is an important initiative that will be reporting back to the provost. Please let me be of assistance in whatever way I can to thoughtfully work through addressing the issue on campus.

The committee heard a brief update on this at our meeting in January.

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Again, I would just like to say thank you for honoring me with this award. Our committee is very focused on ensuring the success of those three initiatives and working with the president, as well as our provost to make sure those are priorities and that we are providing the necessary resources as well as review of those items.

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Hoeflinger, Vice Chair Linda S. As you leave, you leave one of the preeminent medical centers in the world in your wake. Overall the scorecard is green. Professor Sokoloski taught solubility, transport, complexion, diffusion, protein binding, cosmetics, tonicity, pharmacy math and parenterals and the first four courses taught at the undergraduate and graduate and levels.

It is through these experiences that I have come to believe it is only through diverse epistemic communities comprised of individuals with situated life experiences as well as multidisciplinary methodological skillsets that we are going to be able to ask the type of questions and conduct socially relevant research which elucidate and ultimately dismantle the social hierarchies and result in adverse health exposures experienced by vulnerable populations, the fundamental determinants of population health disparities.

I think it is very important. That could be Academic Affairs, it could be Finance; it depends on why the entity exists.