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Once again, though, Hong Kong showed its adaptability by quickly turning to other types of products, particularly electronics, which in the mids overtook plastics as an export commodity. I have 11 water goblets and 19 sherbets.

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I truly would appreciate any information you can give me about these pieces. In China became open to foreign investment, and special economic development zones were set up This time, instead of refugees coming to Hong Kong, it was the manufacturers who relocated their factories over the border in Guangdong province on the Chinese mainland.

Many of these specialized in toy production "In the s rising oil prices led to an increase in the cost of plastics as these are, of course, byproducts of the petrochemical industry.

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Doing the research was fun. But its economy developed in a completely different direction after World War II, when Hong Kong became more industrialized, finding a ready market in Southeast Asia for consumer goods, which were in short supply at the time.

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By there were over plastic factories in Hong Kong, and only six years later that total had risen to I have read that Jubilee has 12 petals in its design, the same count as the petals on my glassware. During a recent visit to the Brass Armadillo Antiques Mall in Des Moines, I was glancing through the antiques and collectibles reference books for sale and came across Andrew G.

However, my assumption is that you are really asking about a wide range of plastic items, from Barbie to snow domes, marked "Made in Hong Kong" that arrived in the American market in the early s through the early s.

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Most were virtually destitute, but some were wealthy businessmen, the former providing a ready source of manpower while the latter brought with them capital and technological expertise. The goods did not have to be permanently marked. Of course, Hong Kong still derived many benefits from being under British administration.

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I am sending along a photograph of what I believe to be Jubilee pattern glassware that was purchased by my mother in the s as a wedding gift for a friend.

The McKinley Tariff Act of required that goods imported into the United States be marked with their country of origin.

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Plastic manufacture in Hong Kong commenced around In the broadest interpretation, "Made in Hong Kong" means only that the item was made some time after The cuttings are similar, but not identical.

Today, there is hardly any toy production in Hong Kong itself. A paper label was and still is acceptable.

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This is a great question, one of those facts everyone in the collectibles field should know.