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Although rigged as a cutter, Epoch sailed best as a sloop. The main bulkhead may have signs of delamination and should be carefully sounded. The boat is not well set up for singlehanded sailing.

The original rudder bearings were nylon and tended to swell when the boat was left out of the water for a long time. The saloon features a centerline table with fold-up leaves, making a C-shaped dinette arrangement to port.

The rudder is wood, sheathed in a thin layer of glass and the rudder stock beefy stainless steel. The original, deck-stepped Isomat spar may have spider cracks at the base, and the cabintop may be a tad depressed, so inspect the maststep area carefully. The main companionway is wide with broad steps.

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Amazingly, the two young brothers who later bought the boat sailed it around the world again. The commissioner refused to confirm her nationality or relationship to the deceased last night. He loved his yacht, Asante, and he was meticulous about the way he kept it. Check flirte meaningful quotes rudder for signs of water and delamination.

Cruising the Mediterranean Sea, from Gibraltar to Rome, I encountered one boat after another that had played a significant role in my past, some dating back, dare I say it, nearly 30 years.

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They also beefed up the anchoring arrangement. It was in that boat, a beamy sloop called Epoch, that I made my first offshore passage. Vincent He had previously divorced from a Norwegian woman and had several children and grandchildren, the source said.

It is big enough to lay an unfolded chart on, and the deep desk stores away all sorts of navigational trinkets. The draft is 6 feet, 2 inches-a stumbling block, literally, for selling the boat on the shallow side of the pond. The deck is balsa cored, a potential problem on all old boats.

Still, if you can resist turning this area into a garage, it is a very useful cabin on a passage, especially for a couple. Early Jeanneau models were saddled with insipid names: Both times the water drained quickly through the large scuppers and the bridgedecks kept the water from rushing below.

However it does makes a lot of leeway negating any advantage of pinching up.

List of Boats

With its almost high-aspect rig, it is also fairly closed winded. Police say the life raft was found approximately 15 nautical miles west of Buccament in southwestern St. The yacht, called Asante, was found floating about 15 nautical miles off the beautiful coastal resort of Buccament, south-west of the island, which boasts several five-star hotels.

Mom and Tim added a fixed staysail stay, converting the boat to a cutter and having a quick storm jib option.

The keel was an iron section, coated with epoxy and externally fastened. Still, the boat that kept turning up, first in Palamos, then again in St. Ostensibly the Gin Fizz is a center-cockpit, although the aft cabin is really more of an oversized lazarette. - How Sailboat Rig Dimensions are derived

The helm station includes a good-sized wheel while the seat doubles as the bridgedeck for the aft cabin companionway. Molded pieces were not used in the interior.

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The exposed keel bolts in the bilge were slathered in fiberglass, making them inaccessible. Along the way, a new three-cylinder Yanmar was added. On ketch models, the mizzenmast is just in front of the helm, reducing that aforementioned visibility.

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Conclusion There is no doubt that the Jeanneau Gin Fizz has been rediscovered, and this renaissance makes perfect sense. The ketch carries slightly more sail area but not enough to warrant the clutter in the cockpit. Only his personal details were found in the bag, indicating that he was alone, she said.

Jeanneau Gin Fizz

On deck The most striking feature on the Gin Fizz is the cockpit. I originally worried that the cockpit was dangerously large for passagemaking, but my fears proved unfounded. He was a very nice man.

There was no heat exchanger. In Corsica we moored alongside a sweet little Contessa 32, triggering memories of an even longer ago voyage around Cape Horn.

We have not been told that this is being treated as suspicious. More than were built, although the boat was only sporadically pushed in U.

Access is decent, behind the large companionway steps. Jeanneau has always done a great job with molded nonskid and the old Gin Fizzes I inspected this summer still had good nonskid on deck.

Two opening hatches provide just adequate ventilation and well placed volt fans are vital.

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The shaft strut support is a molded skeg.