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After tasting the syrup, Prussia stated that he enjoyed it.

In the strips taking place in the present day, they have been reunited after the fall of the Soviet Union. Pairings Dealing with Lithuania Main article: Axis Powers, involving the characters of Belgium and Spain.

The works often mention America being overprotective of Canada falling under communism or concern of Russia hurting Canada japan dating sim hetalia romano arctic sovereignty.

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This pairing is known as PruHun. Some fans consider this pairing extremely ironic due to the fact that Taiwan was in fact enemies with Northern Vietnam during the Vietnam War, but some fans can also argue that she was allied with Vietnam during the Vietnam war.

When he created a female Hungary, he used that idea for Poland instead. It is one of the few relationships that are truly incestuous in the series. Prussia likes to claim that he is better off alone, since he has successfully avoided relationships and marriage for the many years of his existence, but he is seen crying as he says this once in the Christmas strips, after seeing Hungary and Austria hanging out with one another.

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When Korea asked if China liked him, China pictured it as a dating-sim game. They are both young and small, and are not taken seriously by other nations.

In one comic strip, Estonia and Latvia were both given to Sweden for partial custody by Poland. Pairings Dealing with Norway Main article: It military genealogy forces reunited dating have started when Japan demanded marriage after Italy hugged him.

Once out the door he finally did say it with a thumbs-down.

Pairings Dealing with Switzerland Main article: At the close of this conflict, the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle guaranteed Prussia the duchy of Silesia, along with the county of Glatz. Sealand keeps Latvia from being a nervous wreck, and Latvia keeps Sealand grounded to reality.

It should be noted that Finland, who was granted autonomy, had rather pleasant relations with Russia until the turn of the 20th century when the Russification policy drove a wedge between them.

Pairings Dealing with Spain Main article: After realising that they were equally matched, they soon made up their quarrels, but with Netherlands still thinking that England should give him more credit for what happened, during the Spanish Armada.

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China, blushing and swooning, mentions that giving gifts on holidays is a Western tradition, but "because it is from Japan, I want it. Fans of this pairing see it as a very intense love-hate relationship, both in terms of the characters involved and of the nations and people the characters represent.

When Prussia is shown yelling at Hungary to join him hunting; she says that she would rather not, though tremor lines are highly visible on her body as she says this, hinting that she really does wish to join him. Russia often dresses up in a panda suit to stalk China, which makes him very wary and distrustful, especially after the Sino-Soviet Split.

Pairings Dealing with Sweden Main article: Axis Powers, consisting of Russia and Ukraine holding feelings for one another.

Pairings Dealing with Sealand Main article: They still have dealings in non-government related deals trades, travel, etc. Despite his actions, Russia seems to care somewhat for Lithuania, telling America to look after him because he "hardly complains, holds in the pain" and that he "always worries about others before himself" though the moment is ruined when Russia states "he is my ex after all".

That being said, Romano often gets jealous when Spain pays attention to someone else, e.

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Many fan works center on Russia being interested in Canada as a satellite state during the Cold War or that Russia sympathizes with Canada being overlooked in international affairs and wished him to be a possible lover, often calling Canada "Matvey" the Russian variant of Matthew.

The pairing ranges from usually quite soft and involves Latvia learning not to be so scared of Russia, but it also goes into the depths of brutal non-consensual sex.

Even in real life, both countries also have a few relationship such as embassy in few cities on each country and even Spanish Ministry of Foreign Relations about the relationship with Hungary in Spanish.

Because of that incident, China now carries a huge scar on his back. The fact that Hungary is a tomboy who seems to like effeminate males while Poland seems to have a tendency at least in the early strips to like to cross-dress, something fans cite to justify the relationship, is not a coincidence.

Fans refer to this pair as SeaLat or LatSea.

List of Hetalia: Axis Powers Pairings

Pairings Dealing with Netherlands Main article: In fan works, the pairing is a love-hate one, often including America being captured by Russia and being made an unwilling sexual partner.

Liechtenstein is extremely grateful to him for having rescued her, evidenced by a hand-made set of pajamas that she gives him. Pairings Dealing with Latvia Main article: This pairing is also known as SpaMano.

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Pairings Dealing with Taiwan Main article: The two bonded over the similarities in their situation and became good friends. InRussia decided to partition Poland again, this time in conjunction with Germany ; Russia has said that partitioning Poland is his hobby.

Taiwan ultimately left Japan once he had lost the war.

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This pairing is known as PruCan. Norway relentlessly pushed Iceland to say it even though Iceland was uncomfortable and protested that they should have grown past that by now, and Iceland left the room after the other Nordics started urging him to say it too.