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The votes were marred by irregularities and allegation of fraud, including widespread ballot-stuffing, proxy voting, intimidation and suspected elimination of opposing voices, and false tallies.

Observers of the most recent parliamentary and presidential elections noted that both contests failed to meet basic democratic standards or offer a real choice among candidates.

Judicial Framework and Independence. Torture remains widespread and goes unpunished in police stations, GKNB detention facilities, and penitentiaries. With parliamentary elections set for earlythe government took every opportunity to smear and intimidate opposition political forces, particularly the Islamic Revival Party IRP.

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Governors of provinces and districts, including the mayor of Dushanbe, are appointed by the president and remain in their posts for long periods of time, often enriching themselves via crony capitalism. Tajikistan enters the year with a number of potential troubles on the horizon.

Land grabs and other corrupt practices by local governments are common, while the provision of jahonnamo online dating services, such as health care, education, and electricity, remains pitifully inadequate.

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Many Tajikistanis in rural areas are engaged in cotton farming, a de facto state-ruled practice that accrues wealth for monopoly intermediaries, many of which are led by the ruling elite.

The substantial reduction of foreign troops in Afghanistan planned for may also reinvigorate extremist groups in the region, some of which consist of Tajikistani and other Central Asian nationals with designs on their homelands.

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The decline of the Russian ruble will not only further reduce remittances—which dropped 5 percent in —but also confine many unemployed young people to Tajikistan.

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President Rahmon continued to issue opportunities based on nepotism and clan membership, appointing his son, son-in-law, and nephew to potentially lucrative posts. Flaming is rampant on the forums; those in the mods favor get away with it, while those in disfavor get sanctioned.

Throughoutthe government used state television and social media to malign the opposition IRP. Residents torched government buildings and at least four people were killed.

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Laws are selectively enforced and confession-based investigative and policing mechanisms are common.