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March Learn how and when to remove this template message LDS Church membership was made up predominantly of liberal -leaning Democrats until the early s, possibly due to anti-Mormon positions held by the Republican party during the latter half of the 19th Century.

During the s the greatest American sports hero of the day was undoubtedly Babe Ruth; his closest rival was Dempsey, a tough heavyweight boxer from the mining West. Other common cultural limitations include following the Word of Wisdom by consuming a healthy diet, seeking exercise, and jack mormon dating site the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and coffee and tea.

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Today "Jack Mormon" is less commonly used, but using the term is not offensive when said in a self-joking or humorous sense. During the early s, it was also used as a description of the FLDS Fundamental Latter Day Saints who broke from the church, in part, over belief in plural marriage.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Kane was identified as a sympathetic Jack Mormon by US Army officials and the media, some of whom asserted that he had been secretly baptised into the LDS faith.

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Wellswho later joined the church, and soldier and diplomat Thomas L. While his father parted ways with the church, his mother remained a devoted member.

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Sharp, editor of the Warsaw Signal, also coined the term "Jack-Mason" to refer to those who were sympathetic toward Freemasons in the Anti-Masonic political movement. He was a jack Mormon.

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These guidelines include refraining from profanity and pre-marital sex. Their belief is that the term originated in Missouriduring the Kirtland period of Latter Day Saint history, circa Alternatively, it can be used for someone that is of Mormon descent but unbaptized or non-religious.

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When Church members were expelled from Jackson County by a mob, many fled to Clay Countywhere local citizens, mostly Democrats, were sympathetic and friendly toward the Mormons. Preston Nibleya midth century LDS author who had a large impact on Mormon culture and folklore, mentioned the term in its modern context during the late s and used it extensively in the s.

Several LDS historians[ who? It is unclear how or why the meaning of the term changed to its current usage, which is almost the reverse of its original meaning. Some modern LDS youth today use the term to describe a baptized member who chooses not to follow the ethical, moral and cultural guidelines common to Mormons.

Backenstosthe sheriff of Hancock Countywho was "friendly to the Mormons, though not one himself. Often such individuals are noticeable for public consumption of tobacco or alcohol. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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A jack Mormon is to a decent Mormon what a jackrabbit is to a cottontail. Some Jack Mormons still support the goals and beliefs of the LDS Church, but for various reasons choose not to attend services or participate in church activities.

At that time, many members who were registered Democrats were called "Jack Mormons", not as a negative term, but to distinguish them as traditional liberal Democrats. An alternative theory and contemporary usage holds that the term refers to a person who is a Mormon in "name only" as in having a common Mormon surname as though the "Mormon" label were nothing but a surname to this individual.

And ashamed to be the Jack Mormon that I am. These citizens were pejoratively labeled "Jack" Mormons by the antagonistic citizens of Jackson County.