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Intimidating dog names females, what are some unusual female dog names?

Doberman Names That Aren’t Crappy

Traditionally, rural Southern Italy has always used this rustic type of dog for the hunting of big game and for guard and intimidating dog names females work.

Click here for additional information. Disfigured, twisted out of shape and dangerous Godfather: Mirabai — Pretty name for your princess; Mirabai was a privileged Indian princess who left that life to follow a mystic; she helped revitalize devotional yoga in India.

However, any poorly trained dog can become a danger in the wrong circumstances. Avenger — After the Marvel comics superhero team.

50 Regal Names For Noble Female Guard Dogs

Jaws from "Jaws" 3 of 16 "Smile you son of a bitch. It resulted in quite a few scratches, but over time, Jason calmed down and went from violent to just crotchety.

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This mean name for a dog describes the personality you want others to see in your canine. Heidi — A cute name for your cute girl dog who loves to play games with you! They are self-assured and fearless, but responsive to the needs of the family displaying an intuitive ability to sense if the family is in danger.

The bully in Popeye Bowie: Titan — In Greek mythology, Titans were second-generation gods.

Dog Names that are

Trained like a youth to fight in battle, Nora grew up to be the most beautiful woman of the region. She met her would-be intimidating dog names females on the battlefield, and slew him michael valmont flirting body a duel.

Napoleon Bonaparte, mean and merciless in battle Nasty: While we probably should have named him Freddy as in Kruger, Jason suited him just fine. Hercules — The famous mythological hero.

What Are Some Names for a Black Female Dog? |

God of war and maker of a darn good candy bar Menace: The color of evil Black Beard: When he was refused, he vowed to burn the Albanian village to the ground.

Simone — After Simone Beauvoir, the French philosopher who wrote a defining book for the 20th century feminist movement.

So, if you want your home defended, here is a list of the Top 10 Badass guard dogs.

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There are dogs that will wipe the floor with any breed of pitbull you can get. They are protective of their family and training is important for them to learn their place. Empress — Because your big girl rules! They have property they want protected, and are looking for guard dog names that intimidate as much as their dogs growl and sharp teeth.

Ugly, mean, misunderstood Muntz: It is poised, but when the occasion demands, eager and alert; both fit and willing to serve in its capacity as a companion and watchdog.

User Submitted Female Dog Names

Tell us the name and why you picked it. Hannibal from "Silence of the Lambs" 4 of 16 "A census taker once tried to test me. Huge ape that made a huge mess of New York Klingon: Do you have a new dog that is physically huge, or a smaller dog that has a gigantic personality? Swissies have a very strong pack instinct.

The breed was used extensively by the U. In Greek mythology, curious Pandora opened a box that brought all the troubles into the world. Name your girl dog Joan if you want a intuitive family defender.

Indira — After Indira Gandhi, the first female prime minister of India. Thor — Superhero with a hammer, and also the Norse god of thunder. Sojourner — Definitely a one-of-a-kind name!

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A heavy knife used to cut down vegetation Mafia: Victoria — Queen Victoria of England presided over one of the largest empires ever seen. Duchess — Another royal name for your sweet, royal dog.

For example if you name him Spitz, he may hear SIT.

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This list of Doberman names should help you out. Venus — The Roman goddess of love in Roman mythology; a loving name for your loving pooch!

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A combat knife, also something that wounds Damian: Terminator — Science-fiction character whose job was to do just that to people; he was big and tough enough to do it! Some of these are famous Dobermans and some are just really good doberman puppy names.

Oprah — After Oprah Winfrey, the first woman to have her own talk show. Wife of Zeus and Greek queen of the gods Hercules: The Godfather movie played by Marlon Brando Godzilla: Although there is variation in temperament, a typical pet Doberman attacks only if it believes that it, its property, or its family are in danger.

General all purpose name for a monster Biff: Goddess and wife of Zeus, Juno is the protector of women. Nightingale — Cool name for a cool dog! Its stable temperament and powerful body make him particularly valued as a guard dog and protection dog. Athena — A huge example for women, the goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce in Greek mythology.

Tough Dog Names: Good For Guard Dogs Or Any Pup

After the Greek god of war Arsenic: Florence Nightingale was a British nurse who served in the Crimean War. It refers to violent, threatening actions. A large one sided sheath knife Bruiser: If your dog or puppy gets lost or runs away, this will help you get your dog back sooner.

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