Who is Hyun Bin dating? Hyun Bin girlfriend, wife Who is Hyun Bin dating? Hyun Bin girlfriend, wife

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He has one older brother. He has no official Twitter or Instagram account, but if you can still find many non-official account with more than 20K followers.

Hyeon-jin Seo

That accelerated their dating rumors more. The drama has been shot for days and the two got very close after spending time together all through the shoot.

Shot emily of emerald hill relationships dating SeattleLate Autumn was an English-language remake of the Lee Man-hee classic, in which Hyun played a man on the run who falls in love with a woman who is on special leave from prison Chinese actress Tang Wei.

He has such ah great fame in South Korea, people say that his posters are on every wall of Korean girls room. However, the couple broke up for a reason unique to South Korea in They met through the television drama Secret Garden in Like this he drew much attention immediately after his debut.

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I have a dream about having a family. Comeback[ edit ] For his acting comeback after military service, Hyun chose The Fatal Encounterhis first ever period filmin which he played the leading role of King Jeongjo who faced fierce party strife and assassination attempts during his reign.

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After that, they were revealed to be in a romantic relationship in the reality as well. She also said that she sent him an email celebrating his discharge from military service and then made a date with him.

It was conscription which is mandatory for Korean men. His Ideal type of woman Hyun Bin has disclosed a detailed ideal type of woman.

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

This sweet couple broke up because Hyun Bin needed to leave for millitary sevice. They have announced their relationship publicly in after being seen on dates together. Inhe enlisted for his months of mandatory military service in the Marine Corps, which is regarded as the hardest branch and was discharged in Overseas popularity[ edit ] Hyun experienced a resurgence of fame in with Secret Gardena romantic fantasy drama written by Kim Eun-sook.

We hope he can find a good partner someday.

Ruler: Master of the Mask

However, it was found out that he hangs out with Ha Ji Won in his personal time. He ran a 6. If possible I want to get married before I become 40 years old.

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How his fan think about his lover He has been rumored that he might marry Ha Ji Won, an actress considered his current girlfriend, soon.

So he could get married at any moment.

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Besides whenever she got asked about Hyun bin, she had a shy and cute smile on her face. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won had a very impassioned kiss scene in the drama.

This event was held in remembrance of the historically significant event when the Marines won back the capital Seoul that had been taken during the 6. In she mentioned that Hyun Bin is the closest among her actor friends.

She is an actress who appeared on the cover of the magazine Vogue for the first time as Korean in and became an actress who represents South Korea.

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Hyun Bin was very busy with work left before serving compulsory military service and Song Hye Kyo also had very busy schedules at the same time. Career resurgence[ edit ] Hyun then returned to silver screen with the action-thriller film titled Confidential Assignmentwhere he plays the role of a North Korean detective that is secretly sent to South Korea to apprehend a crime ring that is made up of North Korean traitors.

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He made his acting debut in the television drama Bodyguard. He wishes for a woman who has pretty hands, eats a variety of food well and is elegant rather than noisy, and whom he can feel comfortable being with.