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How to hook up surround sound to lg 3d tv, analog audio outputs

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Three feet of gap between the TV and each speaker is generally a good match; place speakers at ear level for better results. Video of the Day Step Power on your television and surround sound system. Step Locate the sms flirt chat "Out" port on the receiver.

Most surround sound receivers have several input slots.

TV With Audio Out

These are usually found in the Sound section of the Settings menu. Some models feature an option to introduce and adjust a delay on the audio, meaning you can manually synchronize the audio and video.

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The only time you can plug speakers directly into the analog audio output sockets is if they are powered speakers, meaning they have a built-in amplifier -- and these must be plugged in to a power outlet before they will work.

These combine speakers and amplifiers in a single unit that can connect wirelessly or through an optical audio cable.

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Surround sound speakers should be placed just above ear level. Place the red plug in the red port and the white plug in the white port. In most cases, you cannot simply plug speakers into these sockets; You must instead use the sockets to connect to a Hi-Fi system, surround sound system, home theater receiver, sound bar or other audio equipment that combines an amplifier with speakers.

Turn off your television and your surround sound system to prevent any accidental loud noise. This may be necessary when the extra processing time of the audio going through your external equipment puts the sound out of sync with the picture.

Step Place the left and right surround sound speakers behind your viewing space, aimed at the point of sound conversion.

Digital Outputs

Plug the cable into the "Audio In" port, matching the white plug to the white port and the red plug to the red port. Optimal Surround Sound Setup Step Place the left and right speakers on either side of the television.

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Unlike some sound bars, the SoundPlate models contain four speakers to broaden the sound field the physical area over which the listeners perceive the sound as coming and two sub-woofers for increased bass effects.

Step Place the subwoofer wherever you want.

LG Home Audio: Single- & Multi-Speaker Systems | LG USA

Audio Settings Many LG models have some key audio settings that are useful if you use external speakers or audio equipment. It can go either below or above the TV, whichever is closest to ear level. Most models support connections to a range of external equipment, including some manufactured by LG itself, but you may need to tweak the settings.

When using external speakers, you may want to disable features with names such as "Virtual Surround Plus" or "Clear Voice" which manipulate the audio, something that may be redundant and even disruptive, if your external audio equipment has similar features.

As with analog audio outputs, digital sockets can carry audio to home theater systems where the receiver and speakers are separate and sound bars which combine the two into one smaller unit. Some models also let you choose the type of digital sound output -- such as PCM or Dolby Digital -- consult your audio equipment manual to see which you need to select.

How to Connect Extra Speakers to an LG TV

Step Run the other end of the cable to the surround sound receiver. These include both HDMI sockets, which can carry both audio and video information, and dedicated digital audio outputs.

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If placed in a corner, the sub will generate a booming, echoing effect that clouds your sound. Instead, you must use an external audio device, such as a home theater receiver. Take care when buying such audio equipment to use with an LG TV or vice versaas some newer LG sets do not have analog audio outputs.

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Digital Outputs Newer LG sets are more likely to have digital audio outputs. Share on Facebook In most cases, newer LG televisions do not let you connect standard audio speakers directly to the television. Step Place the center speaker directly in front of or above the television, facing the point of sound convergence.