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How to hook up cable internet to wireless router, video of the day

Plug the AC adapter portion of the power cable into an available power outlet. Your current cable Internet connection is ideal for sharing among multiple users or devices simultaneously, and you can purchase a wireless router from electronics or big box retailers to create your network.

This is most notably used when using an Internet modem where two devices are connected to the Internet through the aid of a router. Lee graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and later completed a Master of Arts in communication at Regent University.

Save your settings before exiting this section. Many routers have multiple connections so it is likely your router has more than just two out ports.

How to Connect a Cable Modem to a Wireless Router

Share on Facebook A router is used to connect two different devices to a single output device. Step 5 Turn the broadband modem on and wait a minute, then turn the router on.

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These addresses can vary between manufacturers. Step 2 Connect the other end of the cable leo flirty texts the back of the broadband modem. Repeat the process with the second television. Share on Facebook A router allows you to connect more than one computer to the Internet.

How to Connect One Router to Another to Expand a Network

If your computer is wireless-enabled, remove the Ethernet cable from your computer, and then click the "Network Connection" icon on the task bar to open the wireless configuration manager. Connect the router to a power outlet with the supplied power adapter.

Connect an Ethernet cable to the port labeled "Internet" or "WAN" on the back of your wireless router. Instructions may differ for other versions. Click your wireless network from the list of available networks and enter your encryption key when prompted.

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The programming will appear on both TV screens. If you see numbers here, the router is set up properly. Step Plug the first main coaxial cable into the "Out" port on the cable box.

The computer should be able to receive Internet through the modem now. For DSL, the modem cable is a phone line. Many wireless routers use different IP addresses for accessing the configuration page.

Connect to Your Network

Installation takes just a few minutes, and enables you to enjoy the Internet from any room in the house. Video of the Day Step Connect the second and third coaxial cables into two of the "Out" ports on the router. Click the "Desktop" tile on the Windows Start screen, and then click the "Wireless" icon in the system tray.

Step Connect the end of one of the coaxial cables into the "In" port of the first television. Hold down the "Reset" button on the back of the router for 10 seconds to restore the device. Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port at the rear or along the side of your computer.

Once it communicates with your modem, it begins broadcasting a signal. Connect this plug into the "Line In" or "Internet" port on the back of your wireless router.

Make sure the cable is completely fastened to the port to ensure a secure connection. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to port 1, 2, 3 or 4 on the router. Tip Some wireless routers feature an installation CD that makes the setup process much easier. This is ideal for work or home networks.

Power on the cable receiver and the two televisions. Type "admin" without quotes in the Password field.

How to Hook Up a Linksys Wireless Router

Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port on your cable modem. The Internet must be supplied by an Internet Service Provider.

Connect the opposite end of the cable into the "In" port on the coaxial cable router.

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Step 1 Connect the modem cable to the wall jack. She primarily writes about computer- and internet-related topics, especially those concerning website maintenance and programming. New and existing Cox High Speed Internet customers can enjoy the benefits of having a wireless network by connecting their cable modems to a wireless router.

Routers generally work with high-speed or broadband Internet. If you want to connect to this network automatically when the computer starts, click the check box next to "Connect automatically.

Observe the wireless router to make sure it lights up when plugged in. Power on your Linksys router and set it three to 10 feet away from the computer. Enter the username and password when prompted. Click your network name.

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Connect the other end of the cable to the "Internet" port at the rear of the wireless router. These routers allow additional televisions to connect to the same receiver and watch the same cable programming.

How to Connect a Wireless Router to Cable Internet by Nicole Martinez If you own more than one computer or a device such as an electronic reader, video game system or smart phone, that is able to connect to the Internet, you may have a need for a wireless network.

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You can temporarily connect a computer to the wireless router via an Ethernet cable to access the control panel, if necessary. Examples of high-speed Internet are DSL, cable modem and fiber optics.

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For fiber optics, the line is also a coaxial cable--though instead of a wall jack, you will most likely connect it to a fiber optic box that is hardwired in your house. Step 4 Connect an Ethernet cable from the computer to one of the four LAN ports on the back of the router. Click "Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices" to allow other devices to share this network connection.

Click the "Wireless" tab and select "Wireless Security. Warning This article applies to Windows 8. This signal can then be connected to the router, which will direct Internet traffic to various connected devices. The most common IP addresses used for wireless routers are However, there is other hardware you use a router in conjunction with, including cable television boxes.

When the router has finished initializing, the LED lights on the front panel should turn solid green.

If you see "0. If you router came with a default network name, or SSID, and password, you can instruct your wireless device to search for the network and enter the default password to continue. For cable modem, the modem cable is a coaxial cable with RF connectors.

Launch any Web browser. Networked computers access the Internet and share data, such as documents or project information, with one another.