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How to hook up brake lights on club car precedent, shop by category

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Sorry for the long post Just trying to get to know these carts better. Finally, he went out to mess with it again today and told me there was a grey bullet connector not plugged into anything on the new light kit harness behind the dash.

I told him that on denyse tontz dating MadMax Basic Light Kit, it had a grey wire with a red bullet connector that simply connected to the same color on the existing harness.

Longer charging times will not help. This will ensure that the one or two batteries used to power the accessories will not die prematurely before the others due to excessive discharge of those particular batteries. He got back home and noticed it was in TOW.

Neither of these voltages 8 or 16 will support a CD, tape or radio system. Well, apparently he found it and connected it. This is the dynamic: Eventually, they will not be able to provide the steady voltage needed to power the accessories and the car, and they will need to replaced before the others do.

Brake Lights For Club Car Precedent

If you plan on installing even more volt accessories radios, fans, etc. See illustration below for proper wiring of 12 volt golf cart lights into a 36 volt system.

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A CD player or a tape cassette player will consume another 10 amps if added on top of a golf cart lights. You must either connect your golf cart lights to one battery, which gives you 8-volts lights do not burn as brightly as they could but they will last a long time or connect to two batteries, which gives you volts lights burn very brightly but they will not last as long as they should.

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If all the current for the electrical accessories comes out of 1 or 2 batteries, then those batteries will run out of power long before the others. He switch it to RUN and everything was fine. If this sounds like you…you need a voltage reducer.

DO NOT wire the ground to the frame of the car…run the ground wire back to the negative post on the appropriate battery. He bought a phantom body kit he liked the separate headlights instead of the one light barbut it also came with a premium light kit and harness bucket harness, taillights, headlights, turn signal, brake light kit, etc.

If you just want lights and can live with the reduced illumination of an 8-volt power supply…go for it. Power consumption by a fan depends how much air it pushes. A voltage reducer will draw power evenly from your entire battery pack instead of just a couple batteries.

Run the three positive leads and the three negative leads in the three sets to the lights.

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The three sets of 12 volts would be in parallel and you would be using all six batteries. Seems like chasing a rabbit down a hole on his brake issue though.

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A standard radio consumes very little current as does a horn. If you plan on night excursions with friends running the river banks or hunting while using high output lights and listening to the CD player you need to consider several options that will help your batteries stand up to the requirements.

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A 10 amp draw from the golf cart lights, another 10 amp draw from the CD player and all of this current coming out of one or two batteries. The electric vehicle is not designed to operate on less than a full set of batteries so if one or two give out, so goes the vehicle.

Both of the systems outlined above work very nicely for golf cart lights that will be used only once in a while. I think his might be related to the harness and kit that came with the Phantom Kit. If anyone has a better picture or instructions on that part i.

The 1 or 2 overused batteries never do come back up to full charge like the others. Why do you need a voltage reducer? Anybody have any idea on this one? The battery charger then recharges them all evenly and life is good!

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We hooked everything up and everything worked except the brake lights. If you have to have all the golf cart lights and a CD or tape player to boot then you must consider the third option, a voltage reducer. Use a voltage reducer to prolong the life of your batteries when adding golf cart lights or other electrical accessories.