Hookipa Surf Guide Hookipa Surf Guide

Hookupu surf, information about the honokohau harbour surf forecast

The Water Lesson We believe in continuing our instructions in the water as well by giving our students pointers and encouragement throughout the lesson.

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How do you get to Hookipa? We blend tried and true Waikiki Beach Wordle alternative online dating methods of teaching with more innovate and clear teaching methods including video based instruction as well as balance training for more advanced surfers.

Can have good barrel sections, lippy, fast, can have long rides.

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This right hand point hookupu surf peels from the far outside of the bay forming a long wall with multiple barrel sections. Advanced surfers, longboarders, shortboarders. The benefit of the points large sections is that the abundance of steep wave face provides plenty of room to generate enough speed to do just about anything you want.

Where to get into the water? This area is often times a favorite of longboarders and stand up paddle boarders. The location of the beach allows it to catch the surf from the tradewinds swells as well as the large winter storm swells that are generated from storms far off in hookupu surf north Pacific.

Our goal is to stoke every one out regardless of your ability level.

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The wave will remain rideable and wont close out until the surf gets quite large. On good days this wave can have long rides and the crowd is generally not as thick as it is at Pavilions.

Hookipa Surf Video Breaks: When the rest of the beach is flat you can still normally find a small right peeling in at Pavilions. This wave is oftentimes very sectiony but with the right conditions it can peel all the way through.


Corse white sand, reef, rocks. Getting to Hookipa is very easy.

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Our land lessons last approximately minutes depending on class size and conditions and emphasizes correct technique, safety, and proper surf etiquette. We go to different breaks according to our students age, ability and skill level.

Hookipa Surf Report and Forecast

We recommend stopping in the lookout parking lot that will be on your right after you make the initial left turn to get into the park. Pavillions, Middles, Greentrees, Point, Lanes. Reef, rock bottom, point break, lefts, rights. The entrance to the park will be on the far east side of the beach.

Information about the Onjuku Surf forecast

It is normally easiest to get in the water on either the far left or right sides of the beach. If you want, take lessons from other schools and then come to us to see the difference. Normally, there are rip tides along the edges of the bay that can help to pull you out towards the lineup.

It is located a little less then 10 minutes past Paia going east on the Hana Highway.

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Standing up on the board is the easiest part of the lesson. You will not get the same lesson over and over or remain stagnant in your progress.


The Land Lesson At Hook-Up-Surfing we believe a good land lesson is an intricate part of a successful first time surfing experience, which in turn is a good basis for your future surfing adventures. The cliffs that surround the bay provide wonderful views of the breaks and the parking lot at the lookout above Pavilions has a paved parking lot with views of all of the breaks below.

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For surf lessons please contact us by e-mail or phone Copyright this business. Large waves, shallow reef, strong currents, localism.