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Hook up desktop hard drive to laptop, question info

What is the difference between a laptop and a desktop computer? Ranges between 1" and 2. Larger harddisk capacities and faster processors are available for desktops.

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Yes but no at the same time If the laptop has a CD writer, you can write the picture files to a CD and then load the CD into the desktop PC and transfer the files to the hard drive.

If you have a 2.

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Where do you need to use the computer and do you need it to be portable so that you can take it along with when traveling? You can probably tell if they are sata or ide by going into the computers bios.

Connecting an internal hard drive to a Laptop

But if portability is the main requirement and you want a computer which can be easily carried in a bag or backpack then laptop is the only choice. Applications you plan to run. Remove the side and front covers of the case so that you can easily access the internal drive bays.

With an adapter it is possible to use a laptop hard drive in a desktop computer, and if mounted externally it is also possible to use a desktop hard drive on a laptop.

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It will depend on your computing needs like e. You can connect a laptop harddisk 2. How do you copy files created in password protected account on a desktop PC after that main drive has been attached to a laptop as an external hard drive? Making internal connections is usually simple, requiring a single data and a single power cable.

Can you install xp after Linux in a computer on the same hard drive?

How to hook up a desktop hard drive to a laptop

A desktop computer typically has a larger hard drive. The SATA power connector looks like the data connector but is much wider. In other words, is it correct to say that if you are talking about an external hard drive with a USB connector.

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Would you like to merge this question into it? Slide the new hard drive into an open 3. Settings function before your computer boots.

How to Hook Up Hard Drives on a Desktop Computer |

Is there a difference between a desktop computer hard drive and a laptop hard drive? This prevents you from inserting the cable the wrong way.

MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. The physically larger hard drive can have much more capacity for data storage.

Assuming they are both based upon the same board communication function.

Windows system maintenance:

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Actual storage space varies from model to model of all hard drives.

If you have a 3. Then login as that user on the laptop and the files should be accessable.

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Easiest option is to use a 2. It is certainly possible to buy a laptop hard drive with more storage space than a desktop hard drive. Also, with an administrator account on the laptop, you may be able to "Take Ownership" of the files on the external drive. Shut down your computer and unplug it from the wall.

How to Install Laptop Hard Drive to Desktop Computer - How To Articles

A desktop computer or PC is either a tower with the screen, keyboard and mouse as attachments, or a screen with the tower and mouse built in through touchscreen capabilities. Both of the Hard drives work exactly the same but the destop Drive 3.

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A laptop is much more portable, the screen, keyboard, mouse though it is a touchpad are all built in. What are the differences between a laptop and a desktop computer? The most likely cause is that the firewall in your laptop computer is preventing it from showing up.

Laptops designs are generally constraint by weight and size of components which can be put in the machine so at the same price you can desktops more powerful configuration.