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Dipper facing the Multi-Bear. Tyler wants to get his Christmas shopping done early this year, and is searching for something that represents the holiday.

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Chutzpar agrees and tells Dipper to climb on his back hair. Dipper declares that he is going to win everybody free pancakes by beating the manliness tester, but Mabel and Grunkle Stan just laugh at him.

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The three laugh until Dipper tells him it truly is disgusting. Dipper sees how manly the Manotaur is and asks for some pointers. Cat Face and tells Stan to call her back.

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Soon, Dipper finds the Multi-Bear and defeats him. Meanwhile, Mabel tries to teach Stan how to be attractive to women. A card comes out that says, gravity falls dipper vs manliness online dating are a cutie patootie!

He stops the TV and looks horrified.

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Dipper turns it on and the Multi-Bear reveals that his favorite song is Disco Girl. Chutzpar can smell that Dipper has emotional issues and Dipper tells the Manotaur that he has man-related problems.

It starts and Lazy Susan begins talking. The phone goes to voicemail and says this is message thirty-six. Dipper agrees and the Multi-Bear points to a tiny radio in the corner of its cave, asking Dipper to play the tape already in it.

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Donald and Sandy give dull meows, but Mr. Lazy Susan scolds Mr. However, the bear asks Dipper if he could grant his last wish before he dies.

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A herd of forest animals run past Dipper followed by Manly Dan, who tells Dipper to run for his life. Once done he will be a man.

Stan claws at his head and asks himself how can he get out of this relationship.

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The Manotaurs leave him saying that Dipper will never become a man, and he goes back to the Greasy Diner to tell Grunkle Stan and Mabel what had happened. After Dipper congratulates himself, Mabel takes tweezers and plucks the hair out, claiming it was a "scrapbookertunity.

To prove his point, Mabel leans over the table and discovers that Dipper has a chest hair. He then takes Dipper to the Man Cavewhere there is an entire group of Manotaurs doing various manly things.

Manliness" is the sixth episode of the first season of Gravity Falls. Due to being his own man and standing up for what was right, Grunkle Stan tells Dipper that what he did "sounds pretty manly" to him, enlightening Dipper. Dipper runs off in embarrassment.

Grunkle Stan makes fun of Dipper, citing an incident where he found Dipper in the bathroom singing " Disco Girl " into a comb. The group initially rejects Dipper, but decide to train him after he uses reverse psychology.

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Contents [ show ] Official overview When Dipper decides he needs to learn to "be a man," he wanders into the forest on a quest to attain manliness Realizing that the Manotaurs bullied the Multi-Bear because he likes this song which is a sign of girlinessDipper decides just to let the Multi-Bear live.

Dipper goes back to the diner. Dipper meets the Manotaurs. It premiered on July 20, on Disney Channel. At the diner, Grunkle Stan orders a split plate, with a plate of ketchup for Dipper and a cup of salad dressing for Mabel since he wants to save money.

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Manly Dan is able to effortlessly beat the machine with just his pinky pushing the manhandle, and wins free pancakes for everyone in the diner. During the credits, Grunkle Stan is sitting in his chair when the phone rings.

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He winds up in the forest eating Real Man Jerky and doing bench presses with a small twig, when all of a sudden the ground beneath him begins to shake. Dipper introduces himself as Dipper the Destructor.

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She says she was just calling to say hi, and her cats also want to say hi. The episode starts at the Mystery Shack. Dipper then attempts to win the free pancakes but fails.