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Trip Objectives This paper incorporates trip findings and previous GIA research to provide a comparative analysis of the gem materials and their geological context and history. All you have to do is see it.

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Mark Shore recovers a large sunstone crystal from free portland oregon dating sites matrix as Don Buford observes. Woodmark estimates a recovery rate of 1.

Although only one-fourth of an acre has been mined to a depth of 6 meters 20 feetWoodmark said that sunstone occurs throughout the property.

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The feldspar must have formed over time within a magma chamber of calcium-rich magma that cooled slowly, allowing it to reach considerable size. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Vol.

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Phenocryst fracturing may also be due to movement and mechanical contact between crystals within the lava flow during emplacement Peterson, The gems from Sunstone Butte are among the finest we have seen, farmerdatingwebsite for their size and clarity as well as their dichroic nature.

We are industry agnostic. This loader transfers crushed basalt ore to a dry trommel, separating rock and feldspar crystals from the decomposed basalt, which is essentially dirt. We spent three days there before driving three hours southwest to spend the next two days at the Dust Devil and Sunstone Butte mines.

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The wonderful folks at Human Shapes help us with the development and maintenance of our site. The basalt being mined is moderately to heavily weathered, reduced to reddish brown soil containing nuggets of harder basalt in sections of the pit.

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The mine is located at an elevation of 1, meters 5, feet on the southwest side of Donnelly Butte. Chronology of research through July These three gems from Sunstone Butte illustrate the range of colors the mine produces: Travel trailers punctuate the desert, marking the sites where miners are working claims.

The strategy is geared toward providing a consistent supply of calibrated gems less than 7. Sunstone Butte Mine A new deposit, Sunstone Butte figure 15has become known among boutique jewelry designers since for its large green, red, and bicolor gems.

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Geologic Context In eastern Oregon, sunstone occurs as phenocrysts in highly porphyritic basalt flows see figure 4. Are sunstones from each of the three mines distinguishable? The crystals may also have suffered less mechanical stress because they remained within the mass of the cinder cone rather than being extruded in a lava flow.

The rock is far less decomposed than at the other locations we visited.

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The green core is characteristic of material from this mine. We collected more than video segments and 1, photos, as well as several kilograms of samples for further study, including whole crystals and typical bicolor and red crystal fragments.

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In a future visit, we aim to collect representative samples from plagioclase-rich flows at Abert Rim and Steens Mountain and compare them with material from each of the three mines to see if we can confirm their relationships.

This rough sunstone measures approximately 5 cm 2 inches in length. Woodmark is considering bead production as a source of revenue from this clear to champagne-colored rough.

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Mountain Press Publishing Co. We love it here. It is highly fractured and has the most desirable colors confined to zones in its interior, restricting the size and orientation of the gems that can be cut from it.

Trip Objectives

We also intend to perform petrographic analyses to characterize the gem-bearing rocks from each deposit and determine their context within the surrounding geology. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank all the sunstone miners for their generosity of spirit and the time they committed to showing us every detail of their mining operations; nothing was too much trouble, and we were made to feel at home everywhere we visited.

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Please give them all of your money. This is a substantial crystal by most standards, but we found larger, blockier ones at the Sunstone Butte mine.