PowerMac G5 Coolant Leaks/Repairs PowerMac G5 Coolant Leaks/Repairs

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Just look at the corrosion in some of the photos - that did not happen in a week or even a few months. We have no "Lemon Laws" in Australia, but the point that I would like to make is, in reading most of the reports relating to this problem, it would seem this is the first to have a double failure, indicating an inherent design fault which is replicated after repair.

Took it to the apple store they confirmed it and let me know that it would be about 2 grand to fix, followed by you can buy a nice Imac for that. I replied with a reminder on the notes at the top of this page and in reports here since summer He referred, vaguely, to a repair extension program for this fault that had closed last year.

I bought it new in August of and received shipment in September. However, he was able to estimate the dollar amount of the damage. They offered no compensation or replacement.

I knew it was time to call Free lifetime hookup mail confirm utils Customer Relations and have a chat about this. Today I received a call from the Apple Care Specialist and they informed that the computer was too old for repairs and the only option I had was free lifetime hookup mail confirm utils purchase a new one.

As it stood I have major corrosion throughout the system and all major components will need to be ordered and rebuilt. They forwarded my call to a product specialist who put me on hold and called my MAC service provider. Again, a huge thank you to you and your site.

From Aug 12th, mail "Just came across this page.

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Now I feel like an ass on top of being profoundly inconvenienced. I did grapple with this machine into the Apple store but they were not vintage Apple staff!

Your page was invaluable to me in gathering the information for Apple to have a successful outcome. PowerMac G5 Dual 2. When I got dating site templates profiles theatre the store I spoke with a very polite and friendly "Genius" who, after a few short questions and some deliberation, informed me that they had no memory to test the machine with, that this was more than likely and major repair running over the cost of a new machine and could take some time to complete, and bearing all this in mind he said he was going to swap the unit out for another product if that was alright with me.

Sorry if I wrote a big e-mail, but just wanted to be specific about the process since it help me calm me down reading other people experiences!

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I also swapped ram sticks I had four 1GB sticks but nothing would work. We have three PowerMac G5 2. I got a call 18 hours later. I made sure the L1 service person knew that I was calling regarding a "safety issue" with the machine.

The replaced the following: I put that Ram in and again no boot. Obviously a recall or published policy would be best.

I was happily typing away on my late June 04 Dual 2. I will continue to search through this issue online Before the actual occurrence, there was a distinct notice of the cooling fans working overtime and remaining on constantly, uncommon shutdowns, going into sleep mode while typing, and random spin-ups sounds coming from the CD drive for approximately 2 or more weeks.

Until someone pointed me to this page. They also made me aware of your site.

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I had one reader kind enough to do this but after giving the number out privately to 3 people and despite my specifically asking - not one ever replied if that helped or even how their case turned out.

I explained how the machine had behaved and what I had found I also mentioned in am FYI non threatening, by-the-way, manor that I had come across some mention online that others had experienced the same issues and had been lucky enough to get some help as far as repairs.

On my last try of getting it to boot up, I put it on its side and moved the ram around for the last time hopping for some sign of life when I finally set it up and was getting ready to press the power button I saw a small amount of liquid on the rear bottom leg I purchased it in August of along with the 3 year Apple Protection Plan which I always purchase with the more expensive meaning tower units Mac stuff that I buy.

That machine has been running fine since then, although I have noticed recently that the processor temps run consistently in the F range when under load.

Over the years it has had extra ram installed 6. The fans powered up, and whirred loudly but the system went into sleep mode after about 10 minutes. Once he had all the information he needed, he told me that I would hear from him in a few days.

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I was scared they might brush me off and humiliate me over the phone by inferring that nobody gets a replacement computer and not to even try. As I was putting the Mac into a box to take it to the local Apple Store for troubleshooting, I noticed a small puddle of what I figured had to be coolant.

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Thanks for your website. Our computer began acting odd at the beginning of last week. The clear lesson in these reports is that leaks are usually present for many months before damage or problems appear.

I kept on calling the store every day asking "is it there yet" like a little kid. I have no problem obviously with how they handled this in the end, but it was a foggy course. I ask for deails in reports but none provided on this one - most of the last 13 years has been spent with back and forth mails asking for missing info, etc.

Nothing leaked out of the case. I asked to confirm he was in the USA. I rebooted and suspecting a hard drive problem started backing up my family photos to a firewire drive. I read your website and followed the coaching you kindly provide with AppleCare on the telephone.

No mention of cost. He would need to attempt booting it before he could provide that information. Two weeks later the same Senior advisor calls back that they were unable to repair my computer and were going to give me a new Mac Pro for my trouble! Point being, you need to be persistent with them.

I will be updating my experience on my blog here. I followed all the usual procedures, repairing permissions, cleaning out the fans and vents, even changing the battery.

He told me to remove any 3rd party memory as it would not be covered. After a few hours discussion to and fro from store and apple care: