Kik Users - Usernames of Girls and Guys to Chat and Sext With on kik! Kik Users - Usernames of Girls and Guys to Chat and Sext With on kik!

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Do not post to look for a group, suggest a group idea, or to do anything except share your group.

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Flag your post as NSFW at the bottom of it if the group topic is adult oriented or permits nudity. Rules and Guidelines Be friendly, helpful, and considerate. This is to reduce the chance that the subreddit is a target for kik username farming bots and ensures faster response through Kik contact.

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Any posts violating this will be removed; it also might get you banned. If anyone is caught joining groups from here and advertising in those groups, they will be permanently banned. This is important as it will attract the appropriate people to join your group.

Must include a valid group Hashtag for your group in the title.

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One post per group, per week. Even after you turn You must have an account at least 1 day old in order to post.

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Do not post links unless you are sharing the Invite Link for your group. Read "Posting Advice" for more info. To do these things, we will primarily be using one of our Kik accounts: This is to ensure a safe, friendly environment for everyone. Absolutely no advertising in the groups you join.

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As for those looking for a group, please feel free to browse through our list of Kik groups and try not to downvote unless a group is either posted with the sole purpose of trolling, or the group is so bad, it is cancer bad.

Be men and respect your women or just go watch porn, but nude trading is not condoned here. If your group does not have a hashtag, it is not hard to move to a hashtag group.

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Information for Seeking a Group First of all, if you try to post to ask to be invited to a group, or for any reason other than to share a Kik group We might even need to contact one or more people in a group, or just plan to visit as a KikGroups admin.

Deleting posts to post sooner will be caught in our logs and punished severely. This helps us manage how frequently groups post.

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Using a fake hashtag, or one not for your group, is a permanent bannable offense. Information for Advertising your Group If you are here to advertise a group you own or are a member of, please be extra cautious to adhere to the rules as violation will not be tolerated.

Only post if you are inviting for a group.