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The importance of regular maintenance cleaning: Typically, an ornamental pond without any fish will require the pond volume to be circulated at least once every 6 hours; an average stocked pond with up to 1 kg of speed dating cardiff soda for every litres will require circulating once every 4 hours; a heavily stocked pond including Koi with up to 3 kg of fish for every litres will require circulating once every 2 hours.

When flirtomatic tried to enter the German market and cooperated with the German broadcaster Prosiebenalso the German flirtbox trademark was violated as the on-air trailers showed the flirtbox phrases on TV.

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The narrower the pipe bore the higher the friction losses, so always use the maximum hose diameter. Dissolved oxygen DO is a major contributor to water quality. The pump flow rate, typically in litres per hour lph or litres per minute lpm is determined by the vertical lift, in metres, from the surface of the pond to the outlet pipe AND by the friction losses through the system.

Effect of raising the filter outlet: Spare parts - pond pumps These pumps cut the incoming solids into smaller pieces before they are pumped.

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The pond stocking levels will determine the required turnover rate which in turn determines the required pump flow rate. This effectively reduces the maximum pond volume that the filter system can cope with and may mean you will require a larger pump.


The service started as a Fjord concept when Nokia enlisted the company to propose five ideas for mobile, one of which became Flirtomatic. Flirtomatic had not managed to generate a revenue stream that made the business model independent from venture capital.

Most models can be supplied in explosion-proof versions to meet local and national code requirements. Impellers are available in different materials to suit different pumping conditions. Shop by category Typical applications for the series pumps provide transportation of solids-bearing, water-based liquids, such as sewage in municipal and industrial wastewater collection systems at wastewater treatment plants and at storm-water and surface run-off pumping stations.

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As an OASE Authorised Internet Retailer and 5-Star Stockist, we guarantee competitive prices and will help with every stage of planning, building and maintaining a pond. We have been trading 26 years now and pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and friendly, expert advice.

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Tropical fish are also sourced locally, or are imported from Europe and Asia. See the chart above for improvements in pond volume.

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There will also be a friction loss caused across the filter media foams etcwhich will increase as they become polluted with pond waste.

As the filter media e. We stock and sell a variety of livestock and equipment for tropical and coldwater fish. Our submersible wastewater pumps are equipped with double mechanical seals and highly efficient motors running in air for maximum pumping efficiency.

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Our dry goods stock changes regularly but we can and do stock products by the following manufacturers: Our line of chopper pumps, designated the F-series, are ideal for applications with a potentially severe load of thick, heavy and stringy materials, such as certain municipal applications, hospitals, institutions and prisons.

Please browse and buy through our site or visit our real shop where we are ready and waiting to help with all things aquatic.

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How could we create an application that could make flirting as easy, fun and good as it possibly can be for mobile? They are also widely used in residential, commercial and agricultural applications such as small lift stations, grinder pump installations, building wastewater sumps and manure pumping.

Flirtomatic hadusers in Julywith a Flirtomatic poll revealing that online flirting peaks daily at 4: Filtoclear Set pump selections allow for increased pressure drop across the filter foams as they become polluted with pond waste see the importance of regular maintenance, below.

Please contact us and we would be happy to advise you.

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In Flirtomatic was re-designed [16] as the original designs primarily targeted young people - but in order to generate revenue, especially older people were needed.

It is therefore essential, especially for those systems with a raised outlet, to keep the filter foams clean. In AprilMobile Commercewhich delivers 25 percent of all mobile Internet searches from UK carrier portals, released a report that found that Flirtomatic was the 15th most commonly searched term on the UK mobile web in Oase Filtomatic CWS Intelligent control systems are available to automatically control and monitor the pump station, which will not only save time -- but money as well.

Our indoor coldwater fish are supplied by a local company and are ordered in weekly — we keep a range of goldfish, minnows, variatus platy, danios and fancy goldfish, including orandas, blackmoors, lionheads and ryukins.

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Raising the outlet pipe height, typically for a watercourse or waterfall, will reduce the flow rate from the pump thereby increasing the amount of time it takes to circulate the dirty pond water through the filter.

Reception[ edit ] Flirtomatic in topped The Mediatecha list of the hottest mediatech companies in Europe compiled by Library Housea CambridgeUK, research firm.

Inflirtomatic violated the British flirtbox trademark by naming its chat window "flirtbox". We receive weekly or fortnightly deliveries of bunched and potted aquarium plants and offer a bespoke aquascape design service; available on a personal and mail order basis.

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By May 5,10, Flirtomatic users weighed in: Our impressive pond plant selection changes weekly or fortnightly in-season and we are more than happy to source more unusual varieties or larger quantities. We are proud of the quality and variety of our tropical stock and again, we are happy to source unusual species where possible.

During the spring and summer months we have a range of pond fish including koi carp, goldfish, comets, shubunkins, rudd, tench and grass carp in our water garden section.