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How does entering the mountain to steal the Arkenstone to unite the Dwarfs to kill the Dragon to enter the when boys flirt with me live work exactly??

Flirting with 40 english subtitle story is full of illogicalities. I understand and would have gladly stood behind two films, therefore allowing for extended action sequences and a limited reduction in content.

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Renato arrives and asks Sergio if he is really serious with his plans, to which the young man confirms. The first movie had bad pacing because it was overly long without anything really happening.

There was also absolutely no memorable music in this movie and none of it moved me like much of the music did in the original trilogy.

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Thoughts I think I get it now. There is no battle, no burning of the city, no Smaug getting shot in the breast flirting with 40 english subtitle Bard and thus falling into the lake causing it to billow up in a cloud of steam. Entire new subplots are freely created and added to the story.

I consider myself a Tolkienist in fact I saw this movie on opening night because I secured a promotion deal with the local cinema: The master says he had finished his mission with Prince Xiao Ce and this is a new mission.

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Smaug is, hands down, the best-designed movie dragon the world has yet seen. They encounter assassins sent by the man on the ship. They are in and out of the Elvin prison in the blink of an eye with no sense of time that it took Bilbo to wander around learning his way around, scrounging for food and concocting his plan to escape.

But beyond that, one should not expect much "fidelity".

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Beyond the fact that there is no rationale for such a decision, we know from Appendix B that Gandalf reports the existence of Sauron to the White Council and then takes part in the attack on Dol Guldur. It makes no sense. Yet most of his scenes are way too dragged out.

I was fully expecting another fun scene like An Unexpected Party; where Gandalf lures Beorn into letting a company of Dwarfs stay in his house. Continuing with our game of "What is timeline consistency? Since Marimar is his wife, this is rightfully hers now. Marimar visits her grandparents with a bag full of groceries.

Princess Agents Episode 49 English Translated 楚乔传 先行版

In fact, she just received an expensive jewellery set from her husband — but chose not to wear it as she might lose it.

It is one thing to include the son of the Elven-King Legolas even though he is not mentioned in the book, after all, is it so inconceivable that Legolas would be near his father?

There was also some really weird editing here too. Wei Shu Ye wants to have a toast with the girl to see who she really is but is blocked by Yuwen Yue. Once the first ear was pierced, Marimar implores if it is possible to just have one ear pierced suggesting she will just wear one earring at a time.

Everything looks so damn fake with the CGI slammed front and center with no artistic attempt to hide its shortcomings.

It is to be expected that many fans of of the original book will perceive this movie as a bloated, garbled monster version of the written story they loved.

It is important to realize, before going in, that this is not simply "the movie of the book".

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This was one of my favorite scenes in the book and I was really disappointed with how awful it was done. Granted, the original trilogy did have a bit of silly looking CGI here and there but at least it was constantly grounded by real sets.

Why in the name of Eru do you need three movies for this story? The anonymous person is Lan Shu Yi. Is the Hobbit trilogy still supposed to happen in that same universe?

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In summary this is not The Hobbit. Goblin battle we see as a flashback in film one. But where I watched each Lord of the Rings movie 3 times in cinema, watching The Desolation of Smaug just once was enough for me.

The few scenes with actual actors with makeup playing the orcs were far superior.

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Yuwen Yue plans to leave the next day and will use that day to help her escape He only shines in his scene with Smaug.

This also takes time away from the character development. She drops half of the accounting book in the fight After our craziest bloodbath yet, we have an overly long scene introducing another Jackson creation: If you are a fan of Tolkien you will undoubtedly be let down by this excuse of a movie.

Perhaps the worst aspect is that these scenes make Smaug look like an unintelligent creature. There was no real context or meaning for most of it anyway.

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Yanxun official reports he retrieved the accounting books and will act tonight. It is nice to see Legolas again, even if he is not in the book. The movie is already way too long and they still include absolutely pointless scenes. With Gandalf gone the rest of the company immediately become a bunch of morons who simply get lost in stupidity.

Stuff like this tells nothing and adds nothing to the film. You see, the former makes a whole bunch of claims that are actually true about the latter. He had teamed up with the house owner to kill Chu Qiao.

Next we get to the edge of Mirkwood where Gandalf seems to suddenly discover he needs to go to the south. In this type of scene, I guess Yuwen Yue will have to "yi shen xiang xu" now. They are ambushed by assassins and they threw flying needles at Yuwen Yue. She said she will try to talk to someone who may be able to help her to which Innocencia is thankful.

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This entire chapter seems so seductive especially with the camera man focusing on the aka korean phrase "skinship" omoooooo He falls on top of her and kisses her. Sergio gently coaxes her to have the other ear pierced as she needs to wear both. Nicandro sees Angelika kissing Sergio and reports this to Renato.

Also, after Legolas has killed his umpteenth orc in yet another physics-breaking and miraculous way, you simply lose interest. She assures Marimar that indeed Sergio must love her so, for giving her this heirloom. Only at that point the movie already hinted at the only possible way of defeating him.