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Although he is nearly middle-aged and has a beard, everybody treats him like a child; he even goes to school. She is fanatic of Boca Juniors.

Bibi is the only "real" child of Ludovico and Federica. They went on to treat him like a year-old until he developed a childish personality and they decided to adopt him.

He is a troublemaker, known for pulling pranks and stealing. She always wears a turquoise maid uniform made from plush. She is known for being aggressive and overdramatic with her kids and husband.

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Martina Dalilah Polanco is the wife of Flavio, and the P. He always wears green clothes made of plush, including tiny hats, and is a fan of Cruz Azul.

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He is known for his laziness and low intelligence. She is also the most understanding, but her family thinks otherwise, but as it turns out it is not just her family who object her common sense it is everyone. She is from Argentina.

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Main[ edit ] Ludovico P. Luche are his real family. The family always carries him around carelessly.

La Familia P. Luche

She is the only one in the family with common sense, with exception of Maradonio. In one episode it is revealed that she cheated on her husband with the milkman and that he is the father of one of her kids.

Chela Silvia Eugenia Derbez is the somewhat nosy and bitter apartment manager.

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Flavio Pierre Angelo is the husband of Martina, and the P. He often shows that he is not happy with his life including his wife and kids; he is a terrible father and employee.


She also hates association football. He always wears yellow and lime green clothes made of plush. He always wears orange and yellow clothes made of plush and is a fan of Cruz Azul. He owns half of P.

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He always wears blue clothes—mostly suits and ties—made of plush, and is a fan of Cruz Azul. The real Ludoviquito, however, is actually not seen after the first episode, in which he hypnotizes a rich boy at summer camp into believing that he is Ludoviquito. Luche City, which everybody always says after his name in question form "Don Camerino, owner of half P.

She always wears pink clothes made of plush, mostly very provocative tops and skirts.