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Head on over to our Cracked subreddit where we conducted an AMA. When it was over, he lay next to me for five minutes while I cried, then went back to bed with Beth. That is, the length of time it took the man to decide it was inconvenient.

When it was done, he kissed me on the cheek and we were married.

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The top floor was where the temple resided, and only those deemed worthy were permitted inside. She took them up on it. The young women are basically just currency for all of this -- living, breathing cash to be exchanged for a sweet, sweet pyramid.

He sought out one of the fundamentalist sects that agreed with him on that issue and that would let him collect a bunch of hot, young wives.

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Continue Reading Below Advertisement Some of the members of the latter, in fact, murdered the head of one of the largest fundamentalist polygamist churches, a guy named Rulon Allred. Yeah, we had a pyramid. They decided to kill two birds with one como montar um logotipo online dating by "giving" me to him.

So the older, wealthier men had money, they donated it to help build the temple, and those men got the younger wives.

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For me, that journey away from God began when I married a man for all eternity, and then found out that an eternity was only eight months. I made a lot of mistakes and did a lot of foolish things trying to reconcile the bullshit dogma of the Righteous Branch with the real world I was finally beginning to see with unclouded eyes.

My father officiated, and the first wife had to give her blessing. Traditionally, there is also a lot of overlap on the Venn diagram between "sister-wives" and "child brides.

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He came in, we prayed and dedicated the room to the lord, then we stripped down to our long garments yes, we wore "magic underwear" -- they were like long underwear with the crotch open from the navel around to the small of the back and ties across the front.

He asked her to leave with them, but at the same time the leaders of the church asked her to stay and offered her a new husband. For instance, at the time my dad left he had a second, second wife.

It lasted a week before I realized there was no way I could stay. I really wanted to sit next to my husband.

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Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement So, after a tough few months, my sister and her husband came to me and said I should marry her husband and be part of their family.

That night I slept on the living room floor. Want to guess how that went? Would you like to hear more from our source?

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I lost an unhealthy amount of weight. It turned out the church leadership had again gone behind my back to encourage my brother-in-law and sister to make that offer. If you remain depressed, it must mean your faith is weak, which gives you more reason to be depressed.

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He wanted to find wives who were younger and skinnier than my mom, so he could add babies to them. Continue Reading Below Not that it was any better for her, probably. He performed a ceremony, and I moved out the following day.

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Continue Reading Below Advertisement Inthe mainstream church the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or LDS allowed black people to be ordained for the first time, which convinced my father that the church had lost its way "Everyone knows the real Jesus was in favor of polygamy and was a bitter racist!

After that, my siblings and I not only fell away from the church but from religion entirely. Have a story to share with Cracked? I suffered from a long, undiagnosed, and untreated depression. They call us sister-wives, which is supposed to symbolize how tight the relationship between plural wives should be.

So you should follow him while he experiments on himself with dangerous drugs for an upcoming book. I can say from experience that It was quite a disappointment to him when he finally got assigned his first official second wife when I was about