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Who is your best friend?

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All comments are welcomed. What is your profession? I can never pick just one! Are you a morning or a night person? I am far from a professional. Leave a comment below for your chance to win a print copy of Dim Sum of All Fears.

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Stephanie Plum is a character I can definitely identify with! I rent a two-bedroom, garden-style apartment with my best friend, Megan. Visit her at vivienchien. A black pug named Kikkoman.

Get To Know ~ Lana Lee by Vivien Chien

Surprising everyone—including herself—she turns out to be quite capable of running the place. Any place that involves sand, sun and drinks in coconuts. I open up the restaurant for the day, greet customers and keep them fed and happy.

Do you have a significant other?

Welcome back to Ho-Lee Noodle House, where you can get fantastic take-out. Anything that involves noodles! She currently lives in Cleveland where she is hard at work on the third book in her Noodle Shop series and writes side-by-side with her toy fox terrier. What is your favorite spot in your house?

About the author Vivien Chien first started writing simple stories about adventures with her classmates when she was in elementary school. Unfortunately, the newlyweds who just opened the souvenir store next door to Ho-Lee have turned up dead.

Get To Know ~ Lana Lee by Vivien Chien | dru's book musings

After many struggled beginnings and several different genres, she found her passion in the mystery world. But, the few days that have been usually involve me working. What is your favorite Chinese dish? Amateur sleuth or professional?

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Whom do you work with when sleuthing? Is shopping considered a hobby?

What town do you live in? And, I think she might be more into the sleuthing than I am sometimes. In a few sentences, what is a typical day in your life like?

Cats, dogs or other pets?

I prefer a good horror movie with some pizza and popcorn. As she grew up, her love of books and the written word increased, leading to the attempt of her first novel at age But, I call her Kikko for short.

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If so, sign me up! But if I had to, I would say Janet Evanovich. House or building complex? It feels like the center of the house to me.

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Do you have any sibling s? Megan has got my back all the way. One older sister, Anna May. The giveaway ends August 29, What is his name and profession? The first book in the series is Death by Dumpling. She has a soft spot for doughnuts, a healthy love for coffee, and an extreme need to participate in random acts of crafting.