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Directv cinema kit hookups. Directv swm 8 multiswitch frequently asked questions

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Step Select "Configure Now" and select your wireless network. What are the legacy ports and how do I or do I have to use them?

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Use the number mentioned in Step 1. Step Add DVR service to your account. Do the legacy ports carry OTA?

How to Hook Up a Dish Network DVR to Broadband

How close do the receivers have to be to the SWM? DirecTV has rolled out its own service, dating iq 130 or above can be serviced over an Internet connection and is only available to its high-definition television customers.

As of this writing, weaKnees also carries the amplifiers needed to run long distances. These are used in DIRECTV installations that have more than one dish such as an international dish or, in certain markets, where a separate dish is required for local channels.

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If you are using multiple receivers, do not power them on at once. You can call them and have this completed in a few minutes.

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Thus, if you have a long run from the dish to the SWM, you may need a polarity locker to power the dish and lock the LNB polarities. Yes, with a caveat.

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What are the Flex Ports for? If you are not using the SWM2 port, be sure to keep the metal cap terminator connected. This means that you can install the SWM at the dish outdoors and the power supply in a central closet or at a receiver, where you have power.

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Step Power off your DirecTV converter box. Use the output on the DVR and the input on the television.

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In order to have the use of all of these options, you must have a few things done first. Insert the access card in the receiver, if needed, and connect the phone and power cords to it.

DVRs further give you the ability to pause "live" TV.

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A few notes about the legacy ports: You may be able to add a second line yourself, if needed, or have a professional install it. These three ports work like the output from a conventional 3LNB dish and allow you to use receivers that are not listed as SWM-compatible.

The yellow is the video and does not need to be connected when S-video is used.

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Networks like NBC and HBO have used the service to offer full seasons of shows, allowing viewers to call them up when they want and without the trouble of remembering to set a DVR.

Connect the phone line to the DVR and your phone outlet and connect the power cord into an outlet. To get the best quality picture, use an S-video cable to connect the receiver to the TV.

If you already have a receiver, disconnect it from the TV and satellite by removing any cables connected to it.

How to Hook up DirecTV On Demand to a Wireless Router

The legacy ports carry only theand satellites, and really only the is used now. If you have two receivers to connect, then you have two options: Once you do this you can then rewind it, use slow motion features to watch it again or even fast forward past commercials.

The SWM has an input for an off-air antenna. So if you need OTA on a legacy port, just split the OTA before you attach it to the SWM, and then diplex it in to the output legacy port, then diplex it out again at the receiver end.

How close does the power supply have to be to the SWM?