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While being a subtype of the more general polyamorypolyfidelity can resemble monogamy in its relationship power dynamics, attitudes towards autonomy and group consent, as most often polyfidelity develops from an established closed-monogamous couple seeking to add one or more individuals or another couple.

The term polyfidelity was coined in the "New Tribe" of the Kerista Commune.

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Some gain a sense of emotional difference between polyfidelity and polyamory dating from the relatively closed nature of the polyfaithful commitment.

This would have health advantages similar to monogamyalthough risks rise somewhat with each person added.

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Benefits and challenges[ edit ] A commonly cited advantage of polyfidelity is the ability to fluid bond among guyana single dating website than two people while maintaining relative safety regarding STDsso long as any new members are sufficiently tested before fluid bonding with the group, and keep their commitments.

Adding new members would require consensus rather than violate the fundamental compact. In Proposition 31Robert Rimmer presents two married couples who form a group marriage as an alternative to divorce when they are forced to deal with sexual infidelity. The difference is that more than two people are included in the closed group.

Other usage[ edit ] In the book Lesbian Polyfidelity, author Celeste West uses the term polyfidelity in much the same way that others use polyamory. The broader term polyamory was coined later, in the early s. People hoping to create or expand a group marriage mention difficulty finding potential partners with enough mutual compatibility to even consider attempting a relationship.

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For example, open relationships do not necessarily restrict sexual and emotional bonding to such a degree. This may represent independent coinage of the same term within a different community, and this usage is not common among polyamorists in general.

Origin[ edit ] The practices and beliefs underlying polyfidelity have long existed, but in uncodified fashion.

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In this sense, polyfidelity expands upon standard practices and beliefs of monogamy while still being categorically polyamory.

New members may generally be added to the group only by unanimous agreement of the existing members, or the group may not be interested in further expansion. The Oneida Commune of the midth century practiced complex marriage, encouraging individual members in the freedom to have multiple ongoing sexual relationships within the community, as an expression of their beliefs and religious faith.

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This was occasionally referred to as a group marriagea term brought back to popular recognition by the publication of Group Marriage: Polyfidelity inherently affords less flexibility than other forms of nonmonogamy.

Late in his life, Rimmer claimed to have lived for years in such a two-couple relationship. As many polyfidelitous people have transitioned directly from closed monogamy, they can encounter problems in learning to communicate intimately with more than one partner.