Did we evolve from monkeys yahoo dating. Did adam and eve exist and did man evolve from apes? | evidence for christianity

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Can one successfully combine the two? Were Neanderthals really a slightly variant form of humans, or were they a separate species?

Based on all the other evidence which can be found at this web site and elsewhere, or to anyone simply willing daniel ulbricht dating read the Bible with an open mind, the fact that the Bible is inspired by God appears to be an inescapable fact.

Based on that, we accept that Jesus will come back to the earth some day. On the other hand, to say that it is absolutely ridiculous to believe from the scientific evidence that humans could have evolved from apes would be going to far. What one is left with, then, is the biblical claim—a claim contained in a book that has every sign of inspiration—that the first humans were created by divine intervention.

Did Adam and Eve exist and did man evolve from apes?

The fact is that the supposed gradual ascent from primitive primate to humans through a succession of ever more human-like species has not been proven. The fossil record is: Let us not pretend that this is a simple question.

Given the choice between an inspired claim and an unproven theory, this author chooses to believe that Adam and Eve were created. It is not a huge jump to accept that Genesis chapter two, the story of the creation of Adam and Eve, is reliable as well.

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In other words, one will believe in Adam and Eve, not because of some sort of very indirect evidence, but simply because their story is recorded in the Bible. The editors of National Geographic try to create the false impression that this is all pretty well understood, and that the evolution of people from apes is pretty well established.

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In the answer to question 4 above, a strong case is presented that Genesis chapter one is a scientifically reliable account.

On the face of it, it would certainly seem that if the biblical story of Adam and Eve is true, then one can conclude that people did not evolve from apes. Besides that, other Bible writers clearly expressed a literal belief in the reality of Adam and Eve 2 Corinthians Is it possible that God took an already evolved human-like being and put his spirit into him—creating Adam?

What about the australopithecus afarensis Lucy being the most famous example? Could he have done the same with Eve? The first comment to be made in answering the question is to say that belief in Adam and Eve is without a doubt based primarily on belief that the Bible as a whole is inspired by God.

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Did Adam and Eve exist and did man evolve from apes? This is a very good question, and it brings up one of the most important issues one faces in dealing with question relating to the Bible and to faith.

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Perhaps one should be careful not to absolutely dismiss this theory out of hand, but it certainly would appear to be inconsistent with the clear statement in Genesis 2: Does the evidence from science, and particularly from paleontology support a belief that mankind evolved from apes?

Nevertheless, there is more that can be said about this first couple.

Did modern homo sapiens derive from homo erectus? Based on that, we accept that there will be a Judgment Day, a heaven and a hell.

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One also has an unproven scientific claim that humans evolved from apes. But this brings us inevitably to questions about evolution. If you want to get in on a very contentious discussion, you might want to listen in on a group of anthropologists as well as human and primate paleontologists argue over the evidence for the evolution of modern humans.

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