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Define beyond use dating, frequently asked questions (faqs) regarding safe practices for medical injections

Degradation testing is the gold standard of SIM. A growing number of reference sources contain stability information, and the pharmacist should have ready access to this material. A three-month retest should have four time points initial or time zero, months 1, 3, and 4.

Assigning Beyond Use Dates

Direct extrapolation of the information to the specific compounded formulation requires that the scientific study data utilize the same drug source, the same drug concentration, and the same compounding procedures, stores the formulation in the same container, and has subjected the formulation to the same anticipated environmental variables.

Developing and validating stability-indicating methods.

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The major problem for pharmacists is that the stability of compounded formulations often is not known. One of the first issues dealt with was the terminology.

Expiration and beyond-use dates | English to French | Medical: Health Care

Many facilities opined that this would cause irreparable harm to both the care of the patient and the fiscal well-being of the institution. Can multi-dose vials be used for more than one patient?

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The pre-administration storage duration and temperature limits specified apply in the absence of direct sterility testing results that justify different limits for specific CSPs. If multi-dose vials e. If a multi-dose vial enters an immediate patient treatment area, it should be dedicated for single-patient use only.

Expiration and beyond-use dates

Upon subsequent storage and shipping of freshly finished CSPs, an increase in the risks of chemical degradation of ingredients, contamination from physical damage to packaging, and permeability of plastic and elastomeric packaging is expected.

Stability can be determined only by a stability-indicating method SIM. The direct "end preparation sterility testing" must test for both microbial and fungal contamination. During stability studies, HPLC testing is used routinely to separate and quantitate the medication of interest.

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The beyond use date is not later than 30 days. In order to understand this, one must first understand some of the terminology that is used.

Science and Technology for the Hospital Pharmacist

Once the testing is completed, then it is possible to use stability information that is already published and all the parameters match e.

If a multi-dose vial has not been opened or accessed e.

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Note that these time points use data points past the desired length of time of the BUD to establish a trailing trend to validate the strength of the previous time points. BUD extension can only be done if end point sterility testing is done on compounded sterile preparations.

Employing the proper method to determine potency or stability is the key to understanding the difference between potency testing and stability testing.

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However, if there is a need to access multi-dose vials in the patient room e. This is to prevent inadvertent contamination of the vial through direct or indirect contact with potentially contaminated surfaces or equipment that could then lead to infections in subsequent patients.

The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory

Message to the author. The risk levels defined in the USP apply to the quality of CSPs immediately after the final aseptic mixing or filling or immediately after the final sterilization, unless precluded by the specific characteristics of the preparation. Maintenance of a Beyond-use Date after Initial Establishment Each year, there should be a series of tests to establish the continued efficacy of the BUD for each preparation.

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Also, Many instabilities cannot be detected without the use of analytic equipment. Method validation Sample generation is the easiest to accomplish whereas method development and validation are more difficult but achievable if given the necessary information.

Multi-dose vials are labeled as such by the manufacturer and typically contain an antimicrobial preservative to help prevent the growth of bacteria.

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The FDA recommends that all assay procedures for stability studies be stability indicating. Pharmacists should obtain a letter from the manufacturer certifying the beyond use dating period provided.

Food and Drug Administration FDA defines SIM as a validated analytical procedure that accurately and precisely measures active ingredients drug substance or drug product free from potential interferences like degradation products, process impurities, excipients, or other potential impurities.

Multi-dose vials should be dedicated to a single patient whenever possible. Examples are provided below of sample data points for particular medications.

Richard Osteen, DPh Manager: If a multi-dose has been opened or accessed e. Pharmacists should have the unique skill set to accomplish and maintain these processes. Methods of determining potency may or may not be stability indicating.

Questions about Multi-dose vials

For example, a higher concentration of drug may be prescribed; different diluent, container, etc. An alternative method has been to perform potency-over-time studies. A SIM is a quantitative analytical procedure used to identify the amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient API and the reduction in that amount due to degradation.

The compounded formulation probably will not be identical to the manufactured product; it may have a different drug concentration, use different diluents, be a different fill volume, and be packaged in a different container type. When should multi-dose vials be discarded?