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Coping with adversity There are many ways that those we are closest to can help us cope with the stressors we face, like job loss, relationship break-up, or illness. The last thing you want is for those problems to remain unresolved when they leave. Skills alone will not make you a good support-provider.

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They can help us develop plans and skills needed to achieve our goals, or gather information that we need in order to tackle the tasks at hand. How exactly does this support enable us to thrive? Close others can make us stronger by helping us recognize strengths that we have, or develop the skills we need to cope with a stressor.

This is my call to action—offering to help my readers break into the blogosphere and start writing like a pro. But as you try to do all of this, remember to keep it short. Write the way you talk—in plain English. This can happen when they encourage us to focus on the positive aspects of these opportunities or help us see opportunities that we missed.

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They want to know how you can solve their problems. Our close others can also help us use those new strengths to come back from adversity in a constructive way, such as finding a new relationship after a break-up or making a positive career change.

References 1 Holt-Lunstad, J. But in addition to dating sim for guys gba emulator comfort and protection, our relationships can strengthen and fortify us against future adversity.

Feeney and Collins propose that there are eight ways that support from our relationships helps us to flourish. Effective supporters provide encouragement and are available for help without interfering unnecessarily. You need to see it as your job to help them through the hard times and encourage them through the good times.

For example, one may strengthen a friend who has difficulty in her marriage because of her lack of self-assurance by boosting her dating skills review me how blog and helping her find ways to be more assertive with her husband, and this new confidence could help her interact with other people too.

If you want support from others, you need to reach out to them and clearly express your needs.

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Social relationships and mortality. Your customers are also looking for you to anticipate and address any objections they might have.

First, you must feel responsible for helping your close others. There are three key factors that can make you a more effective support provider: Address your audience and explain why you and your mission are so important to them. You also want to be open about your credentials—this is no time for modesty!

And when you see others trying to help you, be open to those attempts. Why is this support so effective?

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Others might be inspired by the user testimonials I mentioned earlier. These resources can be tangible, such as material resources like money, or social resources like having your own support system.

In fact, having strong relationships is a better predictor of mortality than any other healthy lifestyle behavior1. It is also possible to be a better recipient of support, and there are several ways to accomplish that: It sounds nuts, but your customers are looking to see themselves in your mission statement—they want to understand what kind of problems you solve and how they fit into the solutions you offer.

Want some handy Blogging Guide to help you plan all of this out? But why are relationships so beneficial?

About Me Pages: Final Thoughts

Strong relationships can help with both. My About me page needs to tell my readers who I am, and why that matters.

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I want my readers to understand my stake in this process, and understand that I kicked off StartBloggingOnline. Before we move on to our last tip. Our close others can push us to take those chances and encourage us when we do.

A theoretical perspective on thriving through relationships. Let me know in the comments below! According to Feeney and Collins, both provider and recipient are responsible for creating a supportive environment.

A new review of social support research shows how relationships help us flourish

You must also have the resources to use those skills. Many studies have demonstrated that solid relationships are associated with better health and longer life.

First, you must have the skills to provide effective support. Relationship partners can also prepare us to better face these challenges.

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Remember that a healthy, supportive relationship is not one-sided. So how does your About page stack up?

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A new look at social support: Feeney and Collins compare this process to rebuilding a home after a storm — Not only is the home rebuilt, but it is built sturdier, so that it can survive the next storm. According to Feeney and Collins, there are two ways for us to thrive in life: Do you have any favorite websites, with features that I missed?

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You must make yourself available to provide aid to others when they need it, if you expect them to do the same for you. For example, a man might help research graduate programs or financial aid for his wife who is considering going back to school.

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Your readers are looking for a reason to turn to you over your competitors, so you need to sell your accolades with no holds barred.

How Good Relationships Can Make You Stronger | Psychology Today

Thus the support you receive not only helps you cope with that particular stressor, but also makes you stronger by teaching you new skills that can help in other, similar situations. Thus, if you want to reap the benefits of strong relationships, you and your loved ones must support each other in both good times and bad.

In order to provide effective support, you must be motivated to do so. The bottom line is These resources can also be emotional or cognitive. Published online before print August 14,http: