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Omaha was defaced to prevent identification. The original scabbard is marked "R. Shuey, a Marine Corps engineering officer. This is not an altered sheath but one made specifically for the Dive knife. These knives were made both marked and unmarked.

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It has a leather scabbard marked "U. Made by William H. The handle is brass and unmarked. This knife is Group-2 The guard is brass and backed with leather. Paul" and "S" at the top.

Help date Camillus USN, Mark 2 knife

The blade is marked "Hackman Finland Stainless". The sheath is original with rawhide lacing and rivets. As of the end ofthe "D2 Extreme" is still in production. The green sheath was introduced in and could be found into early The back of the sheath is marked with a "W" for waterproof.

I also have his pictures, award certificates and other papers. It has the original leather sheath with the Camillus "Care Tag".

The blade is 4" long and unmarked--probably had the ink stamp mark. The sheath was made without a keeper strap.

The blue blade has no V cut. It is also etched "" on the back side. The scabbard is original to the knife, very well made with a buckle type grip strap. The only mark is where the knuckle knife guard rested. The sheath is original and marked "MHC" just below the throat.

The 7" blade is made from a file and marked "L.

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The tang of the knife is also stamped "B. This is know as a First Pattern with "S" guard and squared shank.

No V cut on blade. They were issued to the members of the U. The original leather sheath is unmarked. It is an experimental non-sparking knife made for working with explosives.

He did not mark the early WWII knives. Some sheaths in the latter part of have square ends also.

US Mark 2 Combat Knife

The rawhide tie-down is tucked inside the belt loop area. The knife is unmarked. The top of the handle is also marked "FR".

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The red handles are marked "Hackman Finland". Records indicate that were 2 knives for each serial from CS through CS The casting mark is the 2. It has the Kennedy Arms mark on both sides of the wood handle and also on each end of the leather guard.

The majority of these early knives did not come with the later sheaths made by the Black Horse Leather Shop. The sheath is original and was made by Cole. This is of that initial production. It has a leather washer handle with fiber spacers.

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The scabbard has the green waxed paper wrap at the throat. The knife has the inch marks on the blade. The handle appears to be stag. InKa-Bar released the "D2 Extreme" version of their fighting knife, coming with the same synthetic handle and sheath that was produced with the "Next Generation", but also a blade made from D2 tool steel for extra edge retention and slightly better corrosion resistance than The Kennedy Arms mark is on the end of the leather backing.

The knife and scabbard are unmarked. Fine serrations, which became an option from towere 14 teeth per inch.


No V cut on the blade. Two USMC officers using, in accord with service tradition, a Ka-Bar knife to lift a serving of cake they have just cut, in a Marine Corps birthday ceremony on a flight line in Pakistan.

The sheath is original and marked "LT. The double edge blade is marked "Case XX" at the ricasso. I was told this outfit came from a man that was in the 82nd Airborne Division with the th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Mark I trench knife for use in hand-to-hand fighting.

Besides use as a fighting knife, the Ka-Bar has proved useful as a utility knife, for opening cansdigging trenchesand cutting wood, roots, wire, and cable. The majority of the 8 point knives had finger grooves in the walnut handles.