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Dating jacques chess sets, by j. jaques, london, circa 1870

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My bias has always been towards sets that were make from one piece of material rather than assembled from sections. In general ivory was used for the best sets and the most expensive. Browse our superb collection of quality chess sets and boards.

These sets are turned and polished. Others are shown by Prof. Each piece is made from several sections, in the same fashion as the earlier Washington sets.

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There is no proof that I know of, that he ever made chess sets. As the knights heads had a to be carved rather than turned an expert carver was needed to produce good consistent results.

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The quality of the knights on many sets point to the quality of the set overall. Kindle edition still available Sep 6, 77 Reb wrote: Queens are slightly smaller than kings, and feature a coronet topped with a tiny ball.

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Here is another Old English set this one signed Calvert. This seems to have been an acceptable practice at this time. This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress.

The ivory is African and the kings look pure English in form to me.

Reproduction and Real Jaques of London Chess Set

These are much rarer and highly prized by collectors. Rooks feature stylised crenellated battlements and bishops a Western-style mitre. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Marketing[ edit ] Mr. Taking photos of chess pieces can be quite an adventure, but that subject deserves its own article, stay tuned. The Registration stickers which appear on the baises of the earliest sets have some minor print errors which help with dating.

Variants[ edit ] There are 17 recognized derivative variants of the original Staunton chess set classified as follows: How to play Chess. At that date, there was no provision for the registration of any design or articles of ivory; registration was limited to Class 2, articles made chiefly of wood.

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Natural and black stain is more common in the 18th century. It captures the very essence of the stress felt by a beast that has spent the night drawing the chariot of the Moon across the sky.

Pieces representing human characters the king, queen, bishop, and pawn have a flat disk separating the body from the head design; this is called a collar. Buy the best you can afford, inspect each sets carefully — especially Jaques! One theory of the development of the set is that Mr.

Staunton chess set

When I started collecting there was not a significant price difference between a common Barleycorn set and a nice Washington set. They are more commonly made out of wood.

They also for some reason changed from 8 points on the queens which is at least logical 8 directions of movement to 9 or The Jaques London stamp which appears on only the white king until much later c when both kings were stamped was made only in a slightly curved punch to fit the circumference of the bases was also used on the earliest of the ivory kings underneath the king base presumably because Jaques thought that stamping the foot rim of Ivory pieces would shatter it until a straight JAQUES and LONDON stamp pair were bought.

Here is a Jaques Staunton set, originally introduced in and which today is the standard design for serious play. About Virginia Barnett dating jaques chess sets The Staunton chess set is dating jaques chess sets of a particular style of chess pieces used to play the game of chess.

Jaques Sets are a pure joy to display or use and just keep on looking great with their exquisite detail and weighting perfectly balanced. These sets are similar but the bishops stems are quite different.

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These sets are again monobloc — except for the knights heads that screw off. This one was probably produced my another smaller manufacturer call Merrifield circa This form again has pieces made from one piece of material.

First see and handle as many sets as you can, not always easy. The style of this set draws on central European Selenus pattern playing sets for inspiration in terms of form of the king and queen.

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Hello, Thanks to the OP, I got some nice bookmarks. Does this indicate that Jaques used sub-contract carvers from time to time? Jaques offer a wide range of luxury, handmade and wooden Chess sets, Chess boards, Chess pieces and Chess clocks, all produced with the highest level of care and detail.

You will run into such sets, you need to evaluate them on their own individual merits, I would classify this as an early 19th century Barleycorn, a transistion from the washington style.

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