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Ross Morrison-McGill, assistant vice principal teaching and learning, continued professional development, intitial teacher trainingGreig City Academy.

This teacher is unlikely to find teacher evaluation bringing any pressure to improve. This is his ambition, what he wants to achieve. I can imagine presenting the descriptions of hibernation, imagination, perspiration, and imagination to students.

I want to be a headteacher and I know the route I want to take, but do I have another five year plan? This is for a mile career move from London to Scotland, utilising my Twitter followers as my eyes and ears for advert awareness and application support.

What Are Some Examples of Goals and Aspirations?

Many more will follow as he discerns the way to attain his aspiration. I have learnt a huge amount about educational technology over the last year and a half and now want to use it consistently well to help my students to progress.

I want to continue to strive to be the best leader I can; I care deeply about the staff and students I lead and hope never to stop wanting to be better for them.

I will also be picking up an additional TLR in September and will also be co-ordinating the whole of KS3 in science, which really feels like a significant role for me in a pretty big school.

Five year career plans – do teachers need one?

The programme focuses heads of year and heads of department on raising standards, and in I will track the progress of an entire tall people dating site group.

But by striving towards that elusive goal through professional practice, review, and dialogue we will develop ever more effective strategies.

The research tested the hypothesis that work motivation, career and personal life planning, and values alignment are key factors that influence teachers in choosing to apply for principal class leadership roles.

The gender and age profiles reflected the total teacher population and included both country and metropolitan participants. Having been accepted onto the programme, my third year was a settling-in year as I moved across the country, taking on responsibilities within my department. These trends reflect retirement and resignation patterns that will produce a shortage of experienced personnel within the next 5 years - a trend which will also affect all Australian states and which is already occurring internationally.

Last January, I started an online campaign to use social media as a forum for my very own job hunt; an audacious move for any teacher, albeit a senior teacher.


A friend told me about Teach First and, before I knew it, even before the start of my third year, I had agreed to do something I had no real clue about for two years of my life. I feel that not only is this important evidence for my own progression but also to build sustainable systems for others when I make that move, as good leaders grow more leaders.

We also want to be able to share aspects of best practice across the whole school and to promote a culture of learning and developing together. As I questioned them to understand, they said that currently there were students who were not taking advantage of the learning opportunities available.

It is the future and we as educators are lagging behind.

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My professional resolution this year is to do everything I can to persuade people coming in to the job that despite all the uncertainty and negativity around teaching at the moment it is still an enormous privilege to work with young people in education.

An individual not wishing to move up a hierarchy has been traditionally described as lacking aspiration.

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Imaginative Inquiry and Mantle of the Expert are still teaching approaches outside the mainstream, but their use and application are growing and more and more schools are developing an interest. Without these development opportunities, I would suggest that my career progression could have been restricted.

The challenge of headship will enable me to improve the life chances of young people. These teachers attend staff development and get an enthusiasm for what might be.

How would you respond as a school leader or coach? For my son today the practical example was that he aspires to be a programmer.

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I decided to join Teaching Leaders last year to develop my career. Students will spend the year in small groups around 10 working with a personal tutor advisor. And it was realising I had an unnatural passion for strategic planning made me want to stay around long enough to get into middle leadership and really do something useful.

Through the research of educational theory, and deliberate and sustained reflection on my own professional performance.

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This year I would like to spend more time teaching. Take a look at Guardian jobs for schools for thousands of the latest teaching, leadership and support jobs. As teachers we are continuously reinventing the way we present information and so sharing the ways that are working can help us to plan outstanding learning experience while also saving us all some time.

Shoot for the stars!

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Their response is maybe next marking period, or after the assessments, or next year.