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It is so beautiful to see how God manifest Himself through you; with words of love, encouragement and also self-examination.

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So how do you, as a Christ-follower, go about establishing the root system of an oak tree rather than a palm tree? The scripture Joel 2: Amen to this message…right where I am. It confirmed the Word my Pastor was blessed to deliver on March Driving to our lodging we found more of the same destruction which, now from our ground-based vantage point, included boarded up windows and hundreds of downed palm trees.

It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. May we be eager to offer encouragement to help support others, especially as they face difficult circumstances. Barnabas wanted to take John Mark on the second missionary trip, but Paul refused, causing a severe break in their partnership Great Blessings will your reward continue to be!!!

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In the mighty Name of Jesus, Amen. God bless u woman of God!!!! Then later on after I left school tonight, I was feeling down in my spirit about something I did. The thing that caught my eye, as we drove alongside the wide spread damage, was the shallow and ineffective root system that was revealed at the base of each storm-toppled palm tree.

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It is a confirmation that I need to put on the whole armor of God and know the battle is the Lord. I really want to say that I really am blessed by the words God uses you to write. First, following your germination salvationyou need to send down a strong taproot, which I believe is the assured knowledge that Jesus Christ loves you—completely and eternally.

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I look forward checking my daily devotional from you everyday. He did do just that!! The revelation that I was looking at a visual picture of two types of Christians struck me.

As I pray throughout this day I will remember you and your ministry.

Dennis and Barbara Rainey Moments for Couples Daily Devotional

The encouraging words are so uplifting and keeping me inspired to do what is right and not give in to my flesh… Again, thank you for uplifting my spirits and the encouraging words.

Barnabas took a risk and gave John Mark a second chance, restoring him to effective ministry 2 Timothy 4: Which of the above elements might you be lacking in your knowledge and pursuit of Christ?

God bless you and I really like your devos! Finally, you must prepare the soil of your life in such a way as to not resist root growth.

Are Your Roots Showing? - Girlfriends in God - September 21, 2018

She was the category 5 hurricane which devastated, first the Caribbean, and then had its way with much of the state of Florida. I had never been there and the opportunity to see a few of our favorite bands at an outdoor concert venue was too good to pass up!

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If u only knew. The encouragement of a friend can make all the difference. The daily devotions coupled with these books has really been very essential in helping me enjoy my singleness while waiting.

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Bitterness and unforgiveness will stunt your root development for sure! Her books are available on Amazon.

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Somedays they are right on it — dealing with an issue on that day. Without Barnabas, there might not have been the great theologian Paul, who wrote thirteen books of the New Testament, or John Mark, who wrote the gospel of Mark. God is able and I believe He will do it.

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In order for the rest of your supportive root system to develop you need to continually nourish your life with prayer, Bible reading, and meditation. Thank you for sharing such words of encouragement, chastisement, and everything else with us!

Daily Devotional for Couples - Moments Together by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Thank you once again for allowing the Lord to use you!! Blessings, Denise In my quiet time today, the Lord spoke this to me and you echoed it through the power of the Holy Spirit! In the Scriptures, he is singled out as a believer who encouraged others by his generosity Acts 4: It is one of the things I look forward to everyday.