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Case Report Unsusual manifestation of terra firme-forme dermatosis — upper eyelid and orbital rim Uwe Wollina Terra firme-forme dermatosis is a benign exogenous dermatosis found in all age-groups. Previous electron microscopy studies revealed that cells isolated from DC patients have an embryonic immature nucleus, which could induce malignant transformation.

Cancer usually develops after the third decade; the most frequent solid malignancies are head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. It is an easy, simple, safe, and painless procedure done in the clinic.

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YAG laser to drain the collected blood beneath the nail plate is an excellent tool. DC patients normally have very short telomeres, which could be related to the fact that some DC patients are reported to have mutations in different genes encoding components of the telomerase complex.

Although we have not detected any malignant changes, we need to follow-up with this first case of DC in Vietnam regularly.

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Here we report on an year-old male with a medical history of stroke and paraplegia of the legs who presented with asymptomatic, hyperkeratotic and slightly hyperpigmented lesions on his upper lids. Pain relief and improvement in the color is resulted immediately. Turkumani, Saad Altalhab Treatment of subungual hematoma with nm Er: More systematic studies are required to understand the immune and inflammatory mechanisms associated with the condition.

The cases that respond better should be within few days after nail trauma.

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Our results have demonstrated the importance of determining IFN-g concentrations in serum in patients with AU. Although affection of lower eyelids has reported before, the localization on upper eyelids only is very unusual. The typical localizations include neck, face, trunk and ankles.

We encourage considering this modality for treatment of subungual hematoma. We found the possible role of vitamin D deficiency and Fok1 VDR polymorphism with the increased risk of skin cancer.

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Original Article Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism and risk of skin cancer patients of Kashmiri population India: Wiping of skin with alcohol pads completely removed the lesions confirming the diagnosis of terra firme-forme dermatosis of upper eyelids. This research could contribute to the interpretation of insufficiently well known views of the pathogenesis role and significance of IFN-g in AU.

A wide variety of atypical clinical presentations and serious reactions should be anticipated.

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