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As it evident by the name of it, it was another tribute to his god. The picture of the cover of the book here to the left, has been taken from the website http: Our newest addition - Crisi di sigonella yahoo dating Seguerra lyrics - is viewed the same. His theories are always winning more and more supporters — I am one of them.

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Let us think how Peter, also called Chephas, was indeed a man called Simon. GenYoutube provides Youtube video downloads in mp4, webm, m4a, 3gp and 3D formats which ranges from mobile friendly to HDTV resolution. In this perspective, the letters by and concerning a king named Labaya or Labayu will not catch much of our attention, since no better identification of this king is possible and not even of the exact location of his kingdom.

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Versione italiana Giuseppe Guarino A new book has been just published by the Egyptologist and archeologist David Rohl: In the Amarna correspondence, if the New Chronology is accepted, David, Mutbaal, son of Saul and Joab, general of David and the events relating to them are so easily explained in the light of the accounts given in the Bible.

This identification is the chief corner stone of the traditional dating system.

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Though the Egyptian kings are long gone, Labaya is still a pain in the neck, in the neck of traditional dating supporters. Pagdating Ng Panahon ver. To see what it actually means, consider that if according to the commonly accepted view Ramsses II lived between BC, the New Chronology moves him to BC.

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The tablets found in El Amarna are a precious witness to the times of those Egyptians kings as well as of their Mesopotamian and Syrian vassal kings. This article being translated in English, though written by an Italian, is evidence of the advantage and need to write in a language understood internationally.

But maybe it is just a matter of time! He writes to Amenhotep III: It is quite understandable if we think that, at that time, the Egyptian kingdom had already existed for more than years!


The language used in these letters is Accadic, a Babylonian dialect, which was the diplomatic language of the time. How is this to be consistent with the fact that Yahweh was already known in Palestine years before the people of Israel settled there?

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David Rohl, the Amarna letters and the new Chronology |

This would make him a contemporary of king Saul, the first king of Israel. Like the world was converted to monotheism and the heretical Pharaoh became Akhenaton the hero of monotheism, maybe one day, David Rohl will be considered a man who was able to see what his generation, for lack of spirit of adventure or laziness, has failed to observe.

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The cuneiform writing is clearly seen in the tablet, EA, here presented. But the New Chronology confirms both archeological data and the reliability of the historicity of the Exodus in the Bible. Rohl refuses the commonly accepted identification of the only Pharaoh called by name in the Bible, Sisac or Shishak, with the historical Sheshonq.

David Rohl, the Amarna letters and the new Chronology

According to the traditional dating, this must have taken place around the thirteenth century BC. His new name was adopted to honor his god, Aton, the Solar Disk, which was the object of his monotheistic cult. He shows how the biblical Shishak is none other than Ramsess II. We also try to add more Aiza Seguerra Guitar Pro tabs as they can bear data for whole band including sheet music.

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The Egyptian king was too caught in his religious speculations and busy in the construction of his city to be able to solve such crisis.

The reason why the Amarna letters are so important to a Bible student like me is that recently they have become the field of a very important controversy.

At the feet of the king my lord and my sun, seven and seven times I throw myself. The fact in favor of this identification is strong, since also a lot of other details of the picture will be successfully explained.

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And if we suppose that the Labaya spoken of in the Amarna texts could be identified with the biblical Saul, would this not solve entirely all the problems concerning the worship of Yahweh in Palestine at the time of Akhenaton?

Because, usually the reverse is the case! He also became famous for his greatest achievement, the building of the town of Akhetaton.

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Do you want to know how? Kadashman Enlil I was king of Babylon. As the intelligent reader has already guessed, the New Chronology is very easy to be accepted by those supporting the historical accuracy of the Bible and refused altogether by those who for years have been taught and have taught the traditional dates.

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Kings were writing asking Pharaoh help, complaining because of him. Almost years after the Amarna correspondence. It is well known: It is a paradox that Akhenaton is remembered in history as the heretical Pharaoh, because of his monotheistic beliefs.

They are divided between Berlin, London and Oxford. The problem is that the New Chronology explains the events — yes — is consistent with archeological findings, but goes against the traditionalwith all the negative implications that such a change of trend would bring to the careers of many esteemed scholars and the bad light shed on the studies published so far on the subject.

We will speak more about this book when the Italian version will be released. GenYoutube is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously.

In this case no special program is needed to read the tab. If you wish, you can download our free tabs in txt. The philosophical fight of Pharaoh for his new religion became more significant for the political consequences and the damage caused to the traditional clergy than for its intrinsic spiritual value.

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