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To begin the conversion, buy a dishwasher installation kit for the brand dishwasher that you have. One sits on a countertop, though, and the other is on rollers and can be stored in a pantry or rolled into a corner when not in use. Some can be permanently installed as an undercounter dishwasher, depending on whether the unit is a flirty images photography or front-loading unit and where the controls are located -- top, front or side.

Another difference is water usage. It is important to place the dishwasher as close to the sink as possible because the water discharge pump may not be powerful enough to pump the drainage water any great distance. I then put that thick washer on top of the thin one and reattached the adapter with both washers in place.

But, sauce residue, chocolate powder caked on a spoon, cheese and egg stuck on a spatula - all came off no problem. I was able to lift the unit from the floor to a step stool and then from the stool to the rack on which it sits see pics.

Portable or countertop dishwashers have a hose that attaches temporarily to the faucet of your kitchen sink.

Consider this before buying a portable dishwasher

Then, you can use it as an island for prepping meals and use it to clean your dishes. The first I did with hot tap water.

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So using cold water is an option, but it will add a little more than 30 minutes to the process because the unit needs to first heat the water in order to properly wash the dishes. Also, the unit and the hoses smell like new appliance. Exceptions Not all portable dishwashers can be easily converted to under-the-counter appliances.

If you do not have a garbage disposal unit installed, you need to purchase and install a dishwasher drain adapter in the sink drain. Units range from a four place setting to six place setting capacity.

These washers can range from around 10 to 50 pounds around 4. I think they may be using too much detergent, or not using any kind of drying aid at all.

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Remove the old drain hose and its brass fitting, replacing the fitting with the one that came with the installation kit, and connect the new drain line to the dishwasher fitting on the garbage disposal unit. Portable dishwashers, on the other hand, can wash just as much as a built-in dishwasher.

There is a 3-part filter system and you will likely need to clean it with some regularity every few months to keep the dishwasher from getting gummed up.

I used the door handle and the metal lip at the top of the back of the unit for hand-holds. You will need to rinse off all large food particles. If you want to assess that volume before you buy, just turn your tap on full and walk into the next room.

Look for units that boast quiet operation as a feature. The adapter has TWO washers - a thin one that is well-seated into the adapter and a thicker one that easily falls out. This load took exactly 90 minutes - just 5 minutes longer than the manual suggests.

You should also consider sound. If your space is limited, but you really want a dishwasher, make it multipurpose.

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The drain hose leaked. After thoroughly considering your options, you will be much better off when choosing your dishwasher.

Portable dishwasher considerations The biggest considerations with this type of dishwasher are the settings. The Heavy, Normal, Light and Glass cycles all include a heated dry cycle. Normally a portable dishwasher get its water by connecting to a sink faucet and draining into the sink, but you will need to connect the appliance permanently to the hot water line supplying the sink faucet and then connecting the drain line permanently to the sink drain system.

Free Standing Converting a portable dishwasher to a permanently installed, under-counter dishwasher is not rocket science, but it does require a modicum of plumbing and electrical skills. I was awake and listening for the beep from my bedroom just 2 rooms away and almost missed it.

Countertop considerations Countertop dishwashers come with many different features. Dishwashers can be plug-and-cord-connected and can share an outlet with another appliance, such as a garbage disposal unit or trash compactor. An alternative to connecting to a sink is to connect to the water feed and drain for a clothes washer if you have one in the kitchen area.

Even if you can move it, you still need to consider size.

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This only works if your sink faucet has a threaded faucet spout. It once again comes back to how many dishes you can wash. Letting the dishes sit in the rack, with the door open for minutes and all dishes are completely dry and cool enough to put away.

I will check in again in few months to update.


The Kongs and the bowls and the rest of the dishes came out looking like new! Quieter portable units have a decibel rating of around 55 dBA, which is about as loud as a microwave. Purchase one that has a braided steel water feed line. The ceramic dishes plates, bowlsmetal dog food bowls, plastic cups and silverware are all dry to the touch and baked hot.

Mechanical Portable dishwashers have casters or wheels that make them easy to move around; you need to remove them when converting the appliance to an under-the-counter dishwasher.

The Heavy cycle has a double wash cycle. Be sure to measure your countertop before shopping. Remember, this is a full-size dishwasher without the noise dampening of cabinets and walls around it. Remember, this portable unit is not connected to a garbage disposal and so cannot cope with large chunks of food particles.

But that is also typical of most full size dishwashers. The lower the decibel rating, the better. Customer reviews: SPT Countertop Dishwasher, White

You can find countertop dishwashers with a noise level of You may not have a water source Your potential kitchen friend is going to need a water source. I also wrapped that connection with some plumbers tape just for good measure. Remove the old fill line and replace it with the new one from the installation kit, attaching it to the shutoff valve on the hot water line under the sink.

I disconnected it, turned the unit for better access, rather than trying to just reach behind, made sure the connection was seated properly, hand-tightened and then used a pliers to gently tighten.

Another consideration is size. To convert a portable dishwasher to an under-the-counter dishwasher, these lines must be replaced with permanent plumbing connections.

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Most units are around 22 in 56 cm wide, 17 in 43 cm tall and 20 in 51 cm deep, though there are bigger units.