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They put one of my graphics on the side of it cory kennedy vs greg lutzka dating gave it away at the Dew Tour. You just kind of hear them come along, I never really go out to find them or anything. I used to ride for Toyota. Did you ever have the urge to crash it and get a new one?

Has there been any sponsors that approached you that seemed unreasonable to endorse? A promotional video was published on the Berrics website on January 9,featuring Koston, Johan Stuckey, and Jamie Thomas —the video commences with a spoof skit, in which Koston and Stuckey compete is a joke version of the sixth Battle, and then ends with the official announcement, whereby Thomas and Koston are seemingly the contestants in the first round.


Not on a weekly basis, especially not anymore. How come you left Almost skateboards? You learn so much through traveling and working with companies. The park has taken a beating over the last four years, with the amount of people that have skated here We just worked with Thrasher with the new Darkstar video and that was just awesome.

Me and Decenzo pretty much skate the same stuff so we connected really well and we traveled to all the events like the Dew Tours and the Maloof cup.

It was rad though, it was more skimboarder online dating an appearance thing and they sent a lot of product to the house.

Email You know when the most controversial thing about you is your choice of hats, things are going pretty well.

June 20, 2010

Bob Burnquist got one too. Who would have ever thought that skateboarding would get to the point of getting free cars and a car company putting your name on the side of a car Were you driving around a car with your name on it?

Consisting of a professional game of S. The selection of the teams was released in a video segment published on the Berrics website that featured Berrics host, Steezus Christ, overseeing Berra and Koston as they selected names according to turn.

Lil Jon is a good homie of mine.

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The video concluded with the statement: THEM,"—the theme of the competition stipulated that American skateboarders would compete against riders from the rest of the world. Having a car sponsor was pretty rad. Presented by Berra, the video revealed that "thousands" of people across Southern California, US had been asked about who they would like to see in the competition during the two weeks prior to the announcement.

It keeps me sane and humble.

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Benji from Good Charlotte invited me to that one because he was dating Paris at the time. My shoe is pretty much done it just comes down to when they want to release it.

August 22, 2010

Give me a good celebrity story. The competition followed the same format as the previous versions and opened with a match between Cole and Joey Brezinski. I got a free car, the Matrixthat I got to drive around. Regular vs Goofy", was uploaded to the Berrics website—the question, "Who do you want to see at the Battle of the Berrics 6?

Al Partenen helped me get through the industry and told me that I could be a pro skateboarder and make a living off of it. I was up at the bar upstairs like 30 minutes later and I see Nicky up there with the producer of Street Dreams and her boyfriend.

Being sponsored by a tequila company must be nice. Must have been nice not ever having to go to the liquor store.

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Have you ever fanned out on a celeb? They skate amazing though. I rock all sorts of hats. People are always going to talk shit no matter what you do but I just kind of ignore it. Eric Koston defeated Sewa Kroetkov in the battle for third place. I just love to skateboard no matter what it is could be a mini ramp, the streets, or a contest.

Yeah man it was cool. Najera won the final battle on a switch front side kickflipwhile Amrani finished in third place. Basically, it was a tight crew over there but I found myself skating, traveling, and doing a lot of contests with Adam Dyet and the Decenzos.

What can we expect next from you? Read on to find out how the master of all things frontside does it.

King of the Road (skateboarding)

I feel like skateboarding is about a crew and this felt more like a crew than Almost. It was more of an endorsement deal than a sponsorship. How often do you go to celebrity parties like these? Just because you could? No, I could care less.

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