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Consolidating active directory domains and forests in india, table of contents

The optimal design for AD is a single domain within a single forest. Should each tree consist of a single domain or a hierarchy of domains?

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Of course, if you miss something, users will not be able to log in, or find their fileshares, or access applications. I can still remember migrating our Windows NT 4. On the other hand though, I have heard of a few different companies flirten funny pics who are using an upgrade to Windows Server as an excuse to restructure a dysfunctional Active Directory.

Active Directory Migration Considerations (Part 1)

While you are consolidating the existing AD environments do not allow any new domains or forests to be created! The primary requirement for intraforest migrations is that every domain within the forest must be running in either Windows Native Mode or at the Windows Server functional level.

Typically though, you will have to use a program such as the Active Directory Migration Tool to help you with the migration process.

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A shared AD infrastructure enables user mobility, common user provisioning processes, consolidated reporting, unified management of machines, etc.

The pain of consolidation increases the longer you wait to grapple with the situation.

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Part of the reason for this decision was uncertainty whether a single domain could scale to the number of users and computers a very large company owned.

Interforest Migrations Interforest migrations are a whole lot more complex, and require extensive planning.

The good news is that Interforest migrations are not true migrations, but rather copies. There are good reasons for this infestation of AD.

Q&A: Consolidation of Active Directory Forests and Domains

These types of migrations will require you to update the Active Directory schema, and you may have to do some application compatibility testing, but aside from that the actual implementation process is easy and straightforward. Many clients that experience regular mergers and acquisitions have established defined processes with time lines for integrating new subsidiaries into the collective Resistance is futile!

User portability, shared GAL Global Address List and consolidated reporting enhance productivity, but can you measure that enhancement in dollars? Finally, a fourth reason why many companies deployed several domains instead of one was simply because Microsoft recommended it as an option in their initial documentation on Active Directory design.

Thoughts on Active Directory Consolidation as a Design Philosophy

He has kindly consented to contribute to the blog— I know you will like it. How do you avoid all of this?

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With that said, the remainder of this article and the articles that follow it in this series will describe various considerations you need to be aware of before restructuring or consolidating Active Directory domains and forests as part of your Active Directory migration planning.

One interesting thing about intraforest migrations is that using the Active Directory Migration Tool is not a requirement although it does make things easier. A third reason was that WAN links in those days were slow yet costly--think T1 line if you can remember that far back in your IT career.

The Active Directory Migration Tool is designed to make the process of restructuring the Active Directory or of consolidating domains a lot easier.

Interforest Migrations vs. Intraforest Migrations

Should your organizational unit hierarchy mirror the organizational structure of your company or should it be based on a network administrative model?

Windows and include a command line utility called MoveTree that can be used to move objects between domains. Anyways, with Windows Server comfortably in place, the issue of consolidating or restructuring the domains in the forest was pushed to the bottom of the agenda for IT departments of most large companies.

Should I have separate domains or forests for machines and users?

In the beginning

In the end though, they can be very rewarding because you end up with an Active Directory structure that is specifically tailored to meet your needs. There is no avoiding the pain of consolidation when your existing environment is already fragmented, but once you build the core AD environment, you should not have to repeat that pain.

Consolidation of AD forests and domains is the single most frequent topic raised in inquiry concerning Active Directory.

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Does consolidation improve or degrade security performance? Does consolidation reduce costs? In order to move machines to a new domain, do workstations and servers have to be manually reconfigured?

In the vast majority of cases, Windows Server domain controllers are simply added to existing domains, or some of the existing Windows Server domain controllers may be upgraded to Windows Server Since all domain controllers in an Active Directory domain had to replicate with each other, one had to be careful about deploying a domain that spanned several sites that were connected by slow WAN links.

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