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The country is run by a democratically elected government. EurLex-2 en It is important that all measures agreed should be clear, simple to understand and, so far as possible, simple to apply.

Animals and Climate

White blood cells known Now, they ran over snowy hills and down into frozen valleys. They stopped only to rest and eat. Kevlar is becoming very widespread The temperature of a substance is a measure of ………. It was a great day for Julie and her dogs.

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Which of the following are NOT eukaryotes? In the 18th and 19th centuries six separate colonies were established: Alaska is one of the coldest places on Earth.

Translation of "grazie per la comprensione" in English

The current King or Queen mainly performs offical duties. Detenuti che dovevano scontare la loro pena in Australia. They worked as a team and passed many of the other racers.

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At first, the dogs seemed to pull the sled very slowly. She fixed it and they kept going. Europarl8 en I hope that I will, for a change, find more sympathy for this idea from the Council than from the Commission.

Wildlife and Climate (comprensione scritta)

Acids and basics react together to form compounds known as salts, which are ……. Oceanic lithosphere is being created continuously; ………… the Earth is expanding, it must be destroyed at the same rate as it is created.

In many places along the route, the snow was deep. In the colonies were federated and The Commonwealth of Australia was established. Some microbes which could photosynthesise were defined as algae and grouped with plants.

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Other teams were lined up, too, and the dogs were excited. Questions 1 This story was written in order to a. What is the role of the British Monarchy in Australia? Understanding the political, economic and social impact of the Information Society; - 3: The Monarch, current King or Queen, has a ceremonial roleruolo rappresentativo and limited power.

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What happened during the 20th century? The racers had to go a thousand miles across Alaska. Julie had trained months for this race, and she hoped she and her dogs would win. The two technicians working in our lab have been here ………….

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But on the third day out, they began to pull more quickly. What made Australia a cultural melting pot? Most metamorphic rock ……………… in the roots of mountains.

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Julie stood behind them. Julie kept her eyes on the clock.

Wildlife and Climate (comprensione scritta) – Lingolia

EurLex-2 en - a proper understanding of the composition of goods and services, the safety and quality criteria that apply to each product, the way products are used, consumed and maintained, and the associated costs. Why can the historical classification of fungi as plants be considered as forced?

What reason was Bertrand Russell, the mathematician and philosopher, jailed Europarl8 en I believe that the use of information is the main way to bring the European Union closer to its citizens and, in this context, multilingualism must be the key instrument in putting into practice the aims of the Publications Office through the simultaneous publication of the Official Journal in all the European Union official languages, so as to ensure that it is clearly understood by everyone.

In some materials, such as gallium arsenide, a p-n junction will emit light James Cook ed il suo assistente Willem Janszoo per cartografare il continente.


Then there were the microbes. He divided life into animals, plants, fungi, protists and bacteria. Europarl8 en I believe that that could help enormously to increase understanding and knowledge of, and trust in, the EU.

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Convicts sentenced to prison in Australia. The evolutionary history of the anthropoids …………. Il re o la regina attuale … ha poteri illiminati. By the twentieth century biologists knew that all life could not be divided into animals and plants, but the old idea was not finally laid to rest until when an American ecologist, Robert Whittaker, proposed his five-kingdom classification.

History (comprensione scritta) – Lingolia

They were still getting used to the race. When they finally reached the finish line, they found out that they had come in first place! Fungi have nothing to do with plants; indeed, they are more closely related to animals.