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To determine eligibility, respondents were asked to specify: Harris Interactive was not involved in data analyses. Of those who met their spouse on-line, nearly half met through on-line dating sites, whose number of users has increased dramatically just over the past decade 3. Meet the most eligible internationals at Expatica Dating in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Second, to determine the extent to which these differences i. Our results were weighted to best approximate marriages between andalthough the voluntary nature of the sampling process and on-line survey may partially limit representativeness e.

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Love in a cold — or warm — climate 1 comment Is it true that the French make the best lovers? Demographic differences were found for individuals who met their spouse on-line vs.

Importantly, the effects found for marital satisfaction and marital break-ups persisted even after statistically controlling for linear and curvilinear differences Methods in the demographic characteristics of the respondents.

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Harris Interactive was commissioned by eHarmony.

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Of those who were e-mailed an invitation, Then for each marriage, beginning with the most recent, respondents were asked whether or not they had met that spouse on-line Yes, No.

New Research In The present results addressed marital outcomes in the first 6 or 7 y of marriage, and longer-term follow-up studies are important to determine whether the observed differences in marital outcomes intensify or dissipate over even longer periods of time.

Discussion Traditionally, people met their spouse in off-line settings: For example, currently married respondents who met their spouse through an on-line community or chat room expressed lower levels of marital satisfaction than those who met their spouse through other on-line venues. Of these 20, respondents: Indeed, the present study shows that the tendency in past studies to treat all on-line venues as the same is no longer empirically justified.

Although the observed differences in marital outcome across venues remained statistically significant after controlling for demographic differences, it is possible that individuals who met their spouse on-line may differ, for example, in personality e.

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If the respondent was still married, she or he was asked a series of questions about the quality of the marriage. For each of these questions, potential responses were given in random order.

Interactions with categorical predictors are available in Appendix S2. When they moved abroad Just under half of the expats said they had come either with, or to join, a partner, while 13 percent intended to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Next, participants were asked a series of additional demographic questions, including their religion, their ethnic classification, their annual household income, their work status, and the number of children.

For example, individuals who met their spouse on-line, rather than off-line, tend to be more educated and more likely to be used in full-time or part-time work. Thirty percent were single, with 7 percent saying that they had broken up with someone prior to leaving their home country.

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Expats in Germany stay at home and browse internet dating sites: Limonite mineral information and data. Acknowledgments We thank an anonymous reviewer for the perspicacious and constructive questions and suggestions.

Expats ishmila online dating Switzerland seem to be having a particularly hard time: For each marriage, participants were asked the month and year of the marriage and, if the most recent marriage ended in divorce, the month and year of the divorce.

Of respondents who married between andmore than one in three met their spouse on-line.

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One woman described Dutch men as "rather hard to get to know as they are not necessarily the ones to start a conversation". Eligibility criteria were that respondents resided in the United States, were at least 18 y of age, and reported being married at least once since the start of Although our analyses concern American marriages, the rapid increase in the use of the Internet is a global phenomenon.

Bars and clubs are the most popular places to meet female partners except in France, where only 14 percent expect to meet someone that way followed by through friends and family and then, in equal amounts dating websites, work and expat events.