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CSCS Mock Test Questions and Information

Ensure you purchase the correct revision material whether it is for operatives and specialists or the managers and professionals test. Our revision materials are the perfect tools to help you prepare for the test. Start practicing for your CSCS test online now. The test voucher which you can purchase via this online store will provide you with a unique voucher number.

Learn about fire extinguishers and fire safety procedures on a construction site.

CITB HS&E Test revision online store

Most of the questions in the real test will require a single answer but there a few which require multiple answers. This video will provide the foundation for the behavioural case study questions.

Cards are normally sent out on the following working day. The final step is all up to you, just stay calm and go back to your revision notes and practice questions just before the test.

This CSCS mock test has 15 questions in the same style and format you will All the question will be pulled at random from some of the core health and safety topics covered in the real CSCS test.

This CSCS health and safety mock test consists of 15 random questions, some questions require a single and some questions require multiple answers so please ensure to read through each question carefully.

The specified named applicant will be contacted regarding queries and payment, and up to 20 working days should be allowed for the procedure. How to get a CSCS card Dolce flirt illustrazioni bambini applying for a CSCS card, proving you have undergone appropriate training and hold the relevant qualifications to perform your job is an important element of the process.

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The first step to gaining your CSCS cards comes through old fashion revision methods, before taking the test you will need to familiarize yourself with the core topics covered in the test.

Our online store provides the necessary tools to help with your preparation for the test. Alternatively, you could download and complete an application formthen mail it with your payment and documentation.

Setting out film Welcome to the Health, safety and environment test online store The CITB Health, safety and environment test formerly the Health and Safety Test is taken by overpeople every year, ensuring that everyone working in construction has a minimum level of health, safety and environmental awareness.

Practice is the key to success so I would recommend that you try and complete as many CSCS mock test papers as possible. The official CSCS revision book provides all the health and safety questions and answers for everyone from site operatives all the way to managers.

You will need to quote this voucher number when paying for your test.

How to get a CSCS card

Keep practicing for your CSCS test online until you feel confident enough to book your test. Here are some simple cscs practice questions. Your occupation, qualifications, and membership of professional associations will dictate the card classification suited to your needs.

Whatever your health, safety and environment experience our revision materials contain everything you need to know to book, prepare for and sit the health, safety and environment test.

The first part would be the multiple choice section which consists of 38 health and safety questions, for each question you will be required to select either one or multiple answers depending on the question requirements.

There is no substitute for good Health, safety and environment training.

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There are no hidden fees and no need to sign up so you can start practicing for your CSCS test immediately. The test itself consists of 50 questions divided into two parts.


You may, for example, be required to send copies of your certificates via email. Because different job roles require different types of CSCS cards we have created mock test questions that are unique to each type of CSCS card and role; this includes areas such as health and safety signs, manual handling, fire extinguishers etc.

However, please allow up to 35 working days for surface-mail applications. No registration just straight forward questions and answers to help you practice for your cscs test online. Get your results immediately after taking your CSCS mock test online. Like all of our other CSCS health and safety mock tests, our goal is to provide you with practice questions that are identical to the ones you encounter when taking your test so you can pass first time and get your CSCS card.

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Employers can get a CSCS card by emailing an Employer Application Form, but should check that the card types requested are available via this application method. The third requirement for passing the CSCS test is to watch the setting out videothis short video explains what you can expect from the construction industry and what they can expect from you.

The second part is the behavioural case study questions; these are made up of 12 questions that test your reaction to safety critical situations onsite.