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Chris brown dating ti daughter zonnique, that night at home

Tiny said she is healthy and was born weighing 5 pounds. I am very sure she wants the world to think otherwise though. The couple waited over a week before they shared the unique name of their baby girl: Sometimes it seems like this is no more than a young dude taking advantage of an older sweet woman whom he knows will do everything in her power to dating website little fish him….

Not mad at all.

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The only difference is that her first and last name are spelled the same, which makes it even more confusing. I can tell by your overly-emotional responses that you are just as fragile as any other broken-down soul. Short yet powerful baby names are an emerging trendy among celebrity parents.

PICS: T.I., Tiny Celebrate Daughter Zonnique’s 14th Birthday

Although a baby with similar sounding first and last names may raise a few eyebrows, we do like how the couple slipped in a family name in an unusual way by switching up the spelling.

And…I just asked cause I would like to know your opinion of that seriously Kat Cute pics! What exactly causes your issue? I thought i would share. Good eagle eye girl! The couple has seven children between the two of them which is why Tiny called this baby Lucky Seven throughout her pregnancyand they all have powerful names.

What do you think of the name Heiress Harris? Seriously, let it go. Tiny has a daughter named Zonnique from a previous relationship.

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He never smiles on pics with Tiny but I do believe he loves her dearly. Deyjah does look very sad.

I think Tiny got plastic surgery when in fact she should have left it alone. Every battle is NOT for you and most of them, you are losing. The military has great benefits, Charles. Tweet Pin Rapper T.

TI’s Wife Tiny Got Herself A New Bae And She’s Dating a WOMAN And We’ve Got Pics And Video!!!

Congratulations to the family! This is what someone posted to him. Woman gets the surprise of her life in the delivery room In case you missed it, T. I wonder what type of Sweet 16 Zo will have.

If you do it, do it right. Get a life and ALL that other stuff.

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Is Spellcheck a foreign program to you?! I picture him with someone the complete opposite of her. But it did not work, and since the army is just as homophobic as any KKK sect, now you feel alone, dissatisfied with your life, outcasted, repressed, oppressed, and more than likely, depressed.

Kourtney Kardashian named her son Reignwhile Kim Kardashian followed suit by naming her son Saint. Did she abandon you? Tiny, 40, announced the name by posting this sweet photo of her "newest Blessing" as T. Trade you for a hit? Why the FUKK would he need to get married?

Why does Tinys bottom lips always look like she has some bacca stuck in it?

Heck I would call her my Situation too. And you obviously lack an extensive vernacular because every single post is expletive-laden for no reason.

Maybe they are upgrading it again. Before you go, check out our slideshow below: Charles- Seriously, enough is enough. Looks like a good time.

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The stars of the VH1 reality show T. Tiny shared this group shot of all the kids during her baby shower, calling them her "team.

Messiah looks just like his mother. AprilRain Glad to see Tip happy with all his precious kids. Choco- I think he was hugging Zonnique like that and giving her extra love cuz it was her big day!