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The decision for membership is made solely by The Consortium.

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I understand that all schools get to read the same general essay questions. The Consortium notifies applicants of membership and fellowship decisions during the third week of March via mail.

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You may also demonstrate interest in a specific school through other activities such as campus visits and building relationships with admissions officers, current students and alumni. Please check with cgsm online dating school to see if this is the case before you contact The Consortium about missing transcripts.

Send a cgsm online dating now, attaching a note that new transcripts will be available at the end of the term. At the end of the term, send dating socially awkward girlfriend updated transcript.

Once you schedule the test, notify the schools of your new test date so that they will anticipate the new test score. The fellowship covers tuition and required fees, but does not pay for living expenses, books or other personal needs.

Those essays will be read only by that school. Do I still have a chance of getting in to a school? Each school will see only its specific essays and not the completed essays for any other schools.

Member schools do not have access to the membership essay or the membership recommendation. Your application will include school-specific essays for each school.

I am currently enrolled in school, and my transcripts are not available until after the application deadline. You will receive an admission decision from each school.

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He has typed a general recommendation letter on my behalf. Applicants may only receive one fellowship offer. I turned everything to The Consortium, but I got an email from a school saying that my application was missing info.

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To reapply, create a new account and submit new materials. Therefore, we cannot advise you on the likelihood of you gaining acceptance to a member school based on your test score.

If it is complete, The Consortium will forward the application to the schools you ranked. What can I do? The old address will be automatically overridden. The Consortium does not evaluate applications, nor do we make any admissions or fellowship decisions.

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The first core essay is used to consider your admission to business school. A copy cannot be classified as official so there is no need to send a new transcript.

FAQs • The Consortium

Paper recommendations are not accepted. When that occurs, The Consortium will forward a copy of the missing item directly to the school. You will need to contact The Consortium via email recruiting cgsm.

You should check with the schools to which you are applying before you schedule the test so that the next available test date will be within an acceptable time frame for the school to consider your new score. All schools will see the required core essay and the optional core essay if you choose to complete it.

There is a space within the online recommendation for additional comments. You can login to your application and enter the correct email address.

You may want to consider a past employer, a former co-worker, a current co-worker or a client that can speak to the quality of your work.

I accidentally submitted my professional recommender request to the wrong email address. I will be reapplying through The Consortium this fall. If your study aboard program was through a school other than where you received your degree, then yes.

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Contact the admissions department at the schools you are interested in for their perspectives. I have submitted my application and paid my fee. This will send out a request message to the new address.