After 5 years, Müller to go? What we know and can expect – In Caelo et in Terra After 5 years, Müller to go? What we know and can expect – In Caelo et in Terra

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Sometimes there will also be stories and photos of Catholic events I attend. Via the button you may contribute any amount you see fit to the Paypal account of this blog.

All links to, quotations of and use as source carabela greaser yahoo dating of my blog posts is greatly appreciated.

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About this blog In this blog I wish to provide accurate information on current affairs in the Church and her relation with society. The above means that I have the right to be recognised as dolce flirt blog risposte author of both the original blog posts, as well as any translations I make.

But, since time is money, as they say, I am most certainly open to donations from readers who enjoy my writings or who agree with me that it communicating the faith and the news that directly affects us as Catholics, is a good thing.

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For a personal account about my reasons for becoming and remaining Catholic, go read my story: The donations will be used for further development of this blog or other goals associated with communicating the faith and the news of the Church.

Credits are equally liked, of course. Think of making a donation This blog is a voluntary and free effort.

About the author

Why am I Catholic? Sancta Afra, ora pro nobis! I also enjoy reading, drawing, cycling, photography and a good movie or series. I am interested in the Catholic faith and the Church, which is what this blog is for.

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Blog and media Over the years, my blog posts have been picked up by various other blogs, websites and media outlets. Everyone is free to share my content, but with credit in the form of my name or a link to my blog.

Contact information People who want to contact me with questions or information regarding my blog or other Catholic social media projects, can do so via Twitter see below or via mr.

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It is important for Catholics to have knowledge about their own faith and Church, especially since these are frequently misrepresented in many places. Sancta Maria, hortus conclusus, ora pro nobis! Other interests include, history, language and a combination of these.

Wie Oath und unsere Partner Ihnen bessere Werbung anbieten

Links — a temporary list As the list of relevant and interesting links from this blog to other blogs and websites undergoes a major overhaul, a temporary, and really rather limited, list will serve as a placeholder here.

I will also, semi-regularly, offer some personal thoughts and reflections on faith, doctrine and Scripture.

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With this blog I want to inform the wider world of what is going on in the Church in the Netherlands.