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There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the sudden change in barometric pressure is a trigger for spawning in many Corydoras species, including the miniatures.

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It is believed they are working the air down into their highly vascularized guts when they wink. It is one of the coolest tanks to watch that I have ever seen. I set it up with a mature sponge filter, a big mass of Java fern Microsorum sp.

I generally move the adults back buy pygmy corys online dating the main tank or to another spawning tank after three weeks of spawning. It enjoys frozen food and sinking wafers.

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It is most often found in mid water and often schools with small characins in the wild. It works every time. To the hobbyist, this behavior just adds to their appeal. That generally results in several dozen to several hundred fry, depending on the age and size of the spawning adults.

They can be kept in smaller tanks, but they really shine in a gallon liter long or larger tank.

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In the Aquarium All three species are found in a variety of habitats from blackwater to whitewater over a fairly wide area from Venezuela and Colombia C. Appropriate foods include microworms or similar nematodesas well as Artemia nauplii newly hatched brine shrimp. They are almost bulletproof.

Unlike the larger more common Corydoras, they often swim in a shoals around mid water regions as well as the lower regions of the tank.

Pygmy corydoras

As would be expected for fishes with a diverse distribution, the miniature Corydoras do not seem to be too demanding when it comes to water parameters. I have not seen that fish for sale in many years, but since it was common at one time, it is possible it will be available again. In smaller breeding tanks I try to do water changes even more frequently, as the population can grow rather quickly.

They are equally happy in soft, acidic water and in harder, more basic and alkaline water.

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Some types of construction and blasting sand have sharp edges to make them more appropriate for their specific tasks. All three species like to move around a lot, so they need a large open area for swimming. They prefer spending more time foraging on the bottom on their own or in small, loose groups.

Feed them two to three times a day, and change at least half of the water two or three times a week. They all seem to enjoy the light and are usually found out in the open all day long. They will eat the same foods as the adults—newly hatched brine shrimp, microworms, and finely crushed flakes.

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They are often kept at a pH of between 6. The boiling or soaking is to make sure they sink. They are awesome schooling fish and will form tight groups of up to several dozen individuals as they forage around the tank.

Young cories grow quickly and will reach half an inch 13 mm in just six to eight weeks. The three miniature Corydoras species are the checker cory C. Spawning begins with a chase. I have ordered boxes of C. Hemigrammus elachys has developed huge extensions on the fins, and I wonder whether these extensions are to serve as a distraction for these fin-predators.

They are cute, and most are not at all shy.

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I cover the bottom with a thin layer of fine sand and add a pile of boiled or soaked oak leaves. I then add a group of mature adults—fish that are at least 10 to 12 months old.

It is a peaceful fish and can be kept in a community aquarium of smaller fish species such as ember tetras. Adhesive eggs are placed in small clusters on the glass, on the filter, or in the plants.

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The males will chase each other and the females, jockeying for position. They go about their business without bothering any other fishes and are harmless to other community tank members.

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The next thing I do to get the fish ready is add two or three airstones to the water, bubbling away at full strength. These cories should not be kept in tanks smaller than 10 gallons because they like room to swim around.

That being said, since they are so adaptable, in many parts of the USA the miniature cories will spawn successfully without any modification of the water at all. Oolitic or glacial sand has been rounded by glacial activity, wave activity, or even by the activity of animals over millennia.

I use a semi-permanent setup and move the breeders back to the main tank after fry and juvenile populations begin to get too large.